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Flak Arena Season Progression Thread

edited October 2016 in Game Chat
IDK why we still call them "progression threads" even if almost nobody is progressing as hard as the good old days and rarely post anything on these type of threads. I know this trend started all the way back to either Juba or Viriathus season back in March 2015. Remember?
  • progress towards NOT receiving the prize .. I still havent got my Klor arena prize from last season LOL .. The game will shut down in a few months anyway, enjoy whilst you can ...
  • Anyone have Flak's stats, so I know if it's the grind or not?
  • He's like the other AOE minions stat wise, correct? What is his skill path?
  • Settle down, guys. There's a little too much excitement in this thread.
  • Yea! MC is giving us Flak.
  • Fak fak fak
  • Flak
    Element: Fire
    Rarity: Legendary
    Leaderskill: +30% Fire
    Special Move: 3p Fire Storm
    Armor: Light
    Skill Path: Shell, Autopotion
    Relative Pip Modifier: 2.300000
    Damage: 0.939000
    Elemental Ratio: 0.500000
    HP Multiplier: 1.020000
    Level 34 Physical/Elemental/HP Estimates: Level 34: 157.778610 157.778610 1071.147583
  • What means 2,3 pip modifier??
  • It means that flak has basically 2 pip fire storm?
  • edited November 2016

    No, it's 3pip. Exactly the same as the others AOE minions: Mudd, Gruft & Driz. They're all the same statswise and some say they're the best AOEs in the game. 3pip special + HP over 2k (light) + Leaderskill always +30% Elemental.

    Edit: HP at lev44
  • When i was at the beginning of the game i sac'd gruft and Mudd. Sad story:(((((((
  • Cut off only like 17k. Only about 800 in rank 1
  • Minions Update: We only have two unreleased minions (Raze & Rok).
    If they release these two this week, nextweek we wont have new minions to collect!

    1. Ded-Fang - 3p Team Strike (Released in WD)
    2. Flak - 3p Fire Storm (Arena Prize)
    3. Klor - 2p Stealth Assault (Arena Prize)
    4. Slice - 1p Healing (Released in WD)
    5. Sneek - 2p Claw Crush (Arena Prize)
    6. Raze - 3p Phantom Strike
    7. Rok - 2p Earth Boost
  • @cajn

    For the first time I'm hoping for no update tbh. There's a chance they put the WD Minions in the Arena to have some 'new' warriors to fight for, there's 5-6 I'm missing and they are the only ones I don't have, sitting on a full 'regular' book for months already.
  • I finally got the good kind of Flak.
    Of all the released warriors and minions, only Klik-Klak, Gutrott and Botheric remains to be collected.
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