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Starting to think about God mode

Does anyone know how God mode battles work? Can I assume they're more like portal battles than arena battles? Are you allowed to change out talismans between matches?

Now that I have twenty-one 7* warriors, I've started to think about which 3 to bring to God mode. Obviously, who I chose is dependent upon what the challenge presents.

Thanks for your input.
  • I have entered god hall just several times and never got through 2nd fight (actually I have only 1 god mode warrior - Mccabe lvl 45 with shell and anti so it isnt really possible..) and it works similar to Arena - except each round the warriors are stronger (according to what I have heared there are 3 rounds).

    I am also planning to upgrade more warriors to god mode - my plan is to upgrade 4 EOE arriors, 4 boosters (so portal and tower figts will be easy) and 4 snipers for Arena to create scorpio teams (mungo, master fu, leonidas and anil). Still waiting for Flak and minion earth booster though..

    Hope it helped
  • why? what is the benefit? your name on some banner!
  • just for other reason..
  • @magnifisico because this is the next step of the game. I'm aware of the insanely high cost of getting a warrior to God mode. However, no matter what the next update entails, God mode will still remain. They aren't going to undo it. Maybe they'll lower the cost, but they won't undo it. I'm okay sacrificing nine 7* warriors to get 3 gods.

    @tzzf so the battles are more like the portal? What I mean is that do the enemies recharge health after each hit (like we do when we collect hearts, as in the arena) or do they take all damage like the portal and just start with higher health bars?
    Trying to decide if abilities that don't allow the post-hit recharge (a la poison or combo rush) are worth it. In short, I'm trying to decide if I'm taking Ali as one of my 3.
  • I do not think there will be another update. They have stopped putting announcements in the forum, Facebook and Twitter. I am not sure they even visit the forum anymore. Unless the PS4 version revives the mobile version, I expect the next announcement will be them telling us the date that the servers are to be shut down.
  • edited October 2016
    ...or maybe Fracture'd is at the peak of dropping WoW and work on boring-a$$ anime styled games just like they mentioned on their website @bvs72

    How can MC itself fix this mess with a measly 25 employees!?
  • Typically upgrading includes the addition of a skill or a slot, something that compels you to rank up to stay competitive in the arena. Is there any real benefit to going to 8 stars? The wings look to be lipstick on the pig.
  • The only benefit of upgrading to 8 stars @jjmcgill, is the ability to change your warrior's skill path for 1WS. Access to the God Hall with your first God Mode warrior.
  • @bvs72 - i concur...until then i will see ya'll in the arena for my 17.5k top 999 remwards
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