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Sneek Arena Season Progression Thread

Does anyone know his stats?
  • Same as BludBeard's, Gutrott's, and Slydor's
  • Sneek
    Element: Earth
    Rarity: Legendary
    Leaderskill: +30% Earth
    Special Move: 2p Claw Crush
    Armor: Light
    Skill Path: Critical, Retribution
    Relative Pip Modifier: 3.000000
    Damage: 0.830000
    Elemental Ratio: 0.500000
    HP Multiplier: 1.260000
    Level 34 Physical/Elemental/HP Estimates: Level 34: 139.463516 139.463516 1323.182251
  • Just remember what was an "Arena season thread" last year .....

    And look at the actual one .......
  • edited October 2016
    Firstly. It's another stupid minion that nobody cares about collecting.
    And secondly, this game's player base is officially dead with no hope of recovery

    I just hope they leave like some sort of offline random generated tower with warriors (not minions) when they close the servers
  • nah - they will kill the game when the other boot drops...Just like Z2 recently killed their games...

    They may put 100k gems in your account so for 1 month you can get yourself a full book and upgrade everyone, complete the map etc etc...but then they will kill the game.
  • At least we can play single player map offline I guess
  • When they turn the servers off, i will delete the game...
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