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Who to take over 34?

Ok, so I have almost everyone. Except Agrippa, Leonidas and Gwen, but working on the three sword pull to finish them off. Not considering the minions, who would you take past 34.

I have enough stuff to take three of every element past 34. So who do you guys recommend for each team of three? Here are my thoughts but I am open to suggestions...

Air: Zahara, Utu, ping.

Earth: wulf, spurius or badda, Kuthulun

Water: zenobia, Joan, Albion

Fire: here's where I am the most unsure. I typically use Zuma, mohinder, Hector. But again I am open to suggestion.

As you can see I like the leader to have high physical and a nice 30% element boost. Then the booster and then the aoe warrior. Except for the water team where I like Joan and take the soul spirit bonus.

Thanks for any advice :)
  • Having a +30, booster, AoE isn't a bad idea, but you're leaving out some really good warriors, particularly those who can become bodyguards.
    Boosters are good, but I don't think they're entirely necessary for your first time above 34.

    My recommendations:

    Zahra, Ten Bears (seriously, this guy is amazing above 34), Ping

    Khutulun, McCabe, maybe Amadok if you have him set for neutralize or BG, otherwise Rodrigo or Juba.

    Joan, Zenobia, Amanar- possibly neutralize Ardo and Gunther if you need guys with a little more endurance.

    Tiberius (best support character in the game- he needs to be among your first), Hector, Ali

    Once you have bodyguard, your options for the arena expand exponentially. Tibs, Amanar, Ten Bears is probably the best team for the arena (double BG plus retribution is devastating). My favorite arena team is another take on this: Joan, Khutulun, Rodrigo.

    Point being- you do this need to think in terms of strictly +30, booster, AoE. Bring up your strongest/favorite warriors. Just make sure you'll still be able to defeat the portal. It takes a little time, but neutr. Ardo, neutr. Gunther (or McCabe), plus BG/neutr. Amadok can take down any portal arrangemebt.
  • Over level 34, the two most critical considerations are: which warriors do you enjoy using and the 3rd tier skill.
    Recharge, neutralize and overkill are potential game changers. Body guard works very well with these skills, but not necessarily great on its own. Poison edge is also good, but only for a select few warriors (Sakuma, Furio etc.) Healing Strike can be effective, but you won't really notice it if you're not looking for it.
    There's a slight shift in game play with the 3rd tier skills. Bring warriors that will let you explore this.
  • there's a tier list where fans voted for best characters:

    that can help you gauge who others feel are the best characters.
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