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Game won't start

When I woke up this day I still had the game open from yesterday and when i tried switching to another application my smartphone froze (Sony xperia z1 compact, 5.1.1 Android) and I had to force it to shut down after waiting and pressing buttons for an hour.

Now that my phone works again I ofc wanted to play again but in the loadingscreen there's nothing appearing on the bottom (polishing helmets and stuff) and I did wait for a good hour for this aswell, hoping it would fix itself, restartet the game and the phone a few times aswell.

Is there a fix else than reinstalling the game? I got it connected to facebook but I'm not too well informed about what data might get lost when I reinstall it and if there is anything lost if it could be restored (i know my data pretty well)
  • If you have your game connected to facebook there is no problem deleting the game and reinstalling it. You can then reconnect to your saved facebook account. However, if the problem is in the save file on their server, it still might not work and you will have to contact customer support.
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