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Hi folks,

Over the past few months I have noticed changes in the gameplay that I think are killing this game.

Opponents on third level portal have risen from level 44 to level 47-48 making it almost impossible to beat them without godlike warriors.

To have to sacrifice 3 warriors of over level 34 that have taken months to level up is RIDICULOUS, perhaps 3 over level 28 would be more reasonable.

Opinions please
  • Third level portal enemies are always going to be at the level of your highest warrior level. Nothing new there except that the level cap was raised from 44 to 54.

    The Steep price of God Mode is rediculous. I'm planning to take 1 warrior to level 45 to access the new game mode. Unless the price goes down, that'll be it for me.
  • I've noticed that the third level portal seems to get harder as I level more warriors to level 44. I have made only one god mode creature and may sacrifice him so that I have none. The difficulty of the third portal seems to be both dependent on the max level of your warriors and the total roster power. Since I have accumulated over 1500 red potions, I use them in the third level portal since it is way too much work to equip talismans.
  • Ah, that explains things. I have 1 warrior at level 47, so he's making everything harder for me.
    Looks like he will have to go and stick to level 44's.
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