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Something I've noticed about Poison Edge

Ah Poison Edge, you don't always activate, but when you do, the opponent is at 15 HP. GEE, THANKS. I soooo needed that when I dealt 500 damage with my normal move.
This made me realize, Poison Edge has a higher chance to activate when the opponent is lower on health.
I guess this was done to stop those "Ah, if only I'd done 2 more damage" situations that happen all the time in RPGs.
Not sure exactly what the chance for activation is.
Maybe the pip increase the chance to activate against enemies at high health.
1 pip: 15% chance, +15% for each 19% HP lost.
5 pip: 15% chance, + 15% for each 10% HP lost.
Just an interesting thought.
  • @Jacku spelt this out in his thread, "Grand Encyclopedia" before leaving. check it out.
    My experience with poison edge is that it is completely random.
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