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Ch0 ticket #9676

yesterday , during redemption premium arena the game went into ch0 mistake, I sent email and immediately replied that they have unlocked the game but continues with ch0 mistake!
Ticket # 9676
I sent other email , but no other answer !
  • The game crashes because it is full of bugs, and sometimes, it faults the server and I'm put in CH0!

    Dear support, you wrote me that "I've had to look into this and can see your account was unfortunately automatically blocked two to strange activity on your account." and then you tell me "Unfortunately, you will need to start a new game. Please attach any receipts That you have and we'll replace Those for you on your new account." .... new account? I do not think so !

    I have past 2 years on the game and I have to start from the beginning Because of your servers That sometimes goes wrong?
    I have played at least four hours every day!
    I collected all the warriors, some I brought` in god mode!
    I arrived at over 4800000 star (in sixth or seventh place in the world rankings)
    I continued to endure every 10-15 arenas the game crashes When loading or the many times that I credited the points won!
    In the past I lost arenas Because of the updates That Were not working on Galaxy s4!
    I have to pay extra to access data on the phone Because the doors (blue, red and green) can be opened only in 3G or 4G connection, Because from wi-fi does not work (over 2 GB per month just for the game) !
    Also I've spent some money into gems!

    But that you do not care, because for a long time I can play without spending money and therefore are no longer a welcome player ....

    anyway thank you for letting me banned because the game had become like a drug, and in this last week I found out that I can devote my time to many other better things for me and for my family that the game was taking me away!

    With this I salute you and wish you a good luck to anyone who still believes in this game, I retire permanently!

    your [4FUN] Kabuto!

    Sorry for the bad translation (from google translate)
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