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  • Mccabe decently gets my vote for neutri.....crazy phy, there is probably no one better for neutri then him.......of course he is a lot of fun with the crit. Path....especially those nasty crit hits...after one armor break...but the durability really starts to ****.....
    Amanar is probably the best crit retri warrior there is......but the higher I go the more obsolete becomes the crit... Retri path for all sm moves for me......

  • All of my gods are in attack mode (crit-retri-ok) except Tiberuis (bg). 4 armor breaker, amanar, zahra, the two 4pip thunder storm (?), leonidas, and krimpus. Tibs at lead then my two attackers.

    Before godmode, i enjoy nuetra gunther. I'll try to put them all again in nuetra path. 4ws less from my ws bank. @rak @minh_74 Aside from AB, what other first attack SM you enjoy the most?
  • Team Stun and Switchstrike probably........ Its weired before God mode I was a huge fan of Aoe....
    But the only one I took over 44 is klik klak.....amanar will be probably the next....
    But im all out of TT..... And wont sac anymore warriors that I have over 34
    So that will take a while.......
  • I really don't have a particular SM that I especially favour @cajn. I've been playing with as many different warriors as I possibly can for a long time, Now I'm more interested in SM combinations.
    Currently I'm exploring the Stun Strike/ AoE combo. Build to full mana, use Krimpus or Ba Trieu to cycle through the entire enemy team, then finish them all off at once with an AoE attack.
    Next up will be Shock Storm + Phantom Shield.....
  • I want the stupid @rak back.
  • rakrak
    edited September 2016
    Me too @bvs72 Don't worry he always comes back....
  • @rak I thought he was back already.
  • @rak I feel your pain. Lol
  • That's a lot of pain I feel guilty
  • An effective sm combo if not already mentioned is, poison enemy then use phantom shield or a heal - as the poison still having it's effect

    It's a short battle of attrition
  • I wonder what would happen if Mind Candy made WOW plushies...
  • @Golnaz_Electric well... that would take the fierceness out of them wouldn't it?
  • I want the funny @bvs72 back.
  • @Reptal And now, from fierce warriors to cuddly warriors, here come WOW plashes. :lol:
  • kool kidz klub
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