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Hey everyone!

The first thing you may have realized was my icon. My old one didn't show my "updated version of myself" so I made a new one. Anyone like it? Can anyone guess the background? (Nobody will.)

Well I just want to see how everyone is doing here on the forum. We can use this as a chat room, so instead of naming it "Group Chat," I thought it would sound nice as "Warrior's Chat." We, all on the forum are warriors.

What we can post on here:
- chats (talking with others, duh)
- pictures (gifs and art too)
- videos (everyone likes entertainment)
- there is no rule (everyone has freedom)
- have fun ('cause why not?)

Anyone have any art request? Just curious to see.
Until then, see ya next time!
  • Awesome idea @Golnaz_Electric and nice new profile pic!
    As a topic starter, what are people's thoughts on Kalaban? I've heard mixed opinions on this guy. Personally he's not very useful but then again I've not yet taken him over 34. Any experienced Kalaban players out there?
  • Sorry but kalaban is pretty awesome
    Hardly ever dies , great mana collecter and the dmg at 1 hp is great for a 1 pip.........i took him over 44 and use him as my main tank........
  • @Zzrrdd Hmm, I really can't say much because I don't have Kalaban. But I guess I can go with @rak thought. :)
  • In addition to collecting mana, mine hardly ever dies and collects a lot of dust.
  • How are you supposed to use MS warriors to store up Mana for other warriors without Stealth Specials? Even if it activates twice in a row, it still only gives a total of 5 Mana.
  • One extra mana orb = SM 1 round sooner @LeRocIsThor.

    Mana Spring doesn't give you more SM. It just give the SM sooner. Over the course of a battle, you might get 1 extra SM overall with a tanky Mana Springer like Kalaban.
  • I'm always afraid my Kalaban will crack mid fight and maybe Just a MAYBE make my opponent poop mana!
  • @Golnaz_Electric
    Your background picture is a pyramid? In relation of Ram, Egyptian warrior?
  • Idk man I mean I don't come on here that much anymore because of the update I just view the other comments at this point and the game is done finished because of fracture because let's face it ever since they came round the game sucks azz blame fracture
  • Has anyone got the new update for iOS? I just got it for my phone. Why did Apple make life complicated?
  • Ha ha im in egypt right now..... Searching for Ram! He still ows me money..........
  • edited September 2016
    Tell him he owes me some money too...


    Show this video of myself to him and he will see how much I really want that money.
  • @rak @BluntedBlue Why does he owe you money?
  • What is everyone's fave item set? I like Protection Token, Power Token, and Power Charm for cheap +20% HP.
  • @LeRocIsThor I really don't have a favorite item set. Talismans are the one thing I don't use as much.
  • Because It took me many resources too upgrade him.....especially since i saced him allready 4 times once he was over 34.......maybe I should make him a god ...... So I wont touch him anymore........
  • edited September 2016
    @LeRocIsThor I like promotion charms on warriors with leader skills that influence themselves, such as Khutulun. Shove it on her and her LS activates whilst not having to put her in the lead position which would potentially be a death sentence in the arena.
  • @rak So that means every warrior you have owes you money?
  • Not really, some I never upgraded....some seem like they are pretty poor......Ram has a lot of I assume he must be rich
  • @rak Sounds explainable enough. -gold and money flying in the air-
  • What Special Moves do you feel didn't get enough variety? For example: I feel that Poison Dart suffers from a lack of variety, Titu is the tanky one, Cham is the strong one, but Kibi and Kukan are just middle-of-the-road. If one of them came with Shell or Crit maybe PD would be more interesting.
  • Unless they are 8-star warriors which you can change their skill path @LeRocIsThor
  • @LeRocIsThor I totally agree about poison dart warriors. I feel like we need a stand-out phantom shield warrior. Don't get me wrong, all current phantom shield warriors are good, but they're all so similar and none of them stand out to me.
  • edited September 2016
    @LeRocIsThor I also feel like regernation has a lack too. I have Wu but felt like he was a useless warrior so I stopped using him. I even have Malik.....
  • As far as PS I think Sama is extremely underrated. Not only does he have great leadership but his skill path also perfectly suits him. He's a great man a hoarder and he also packs a fairly decent punch.

    I am not a huge fan of poison in general because of the delayed damage out put... But of the poison darters I feel that Kibi is the best. Good skill path and very balanced.
  • With the ability to change the skill path at God mode, what is the best skill path for each special move (Lets consider the 4pip SM, not the lower pip SM).

    Let me start with frontrunner SM;
    Armor Break - Crit-Retri-OvrKill (IMO), per @rak (and based on my experience), Crit after armor break is very effective.
    Phantom Strike - Crit-Retri-OvrKill (IMO), It is still the best for Amanar.
    Poison - Shell-Auto-Recharge, due to delayed effect of poison, best playstyle for this SM is hit&run.

    Let's limit for frontline SM for now. What other first attack SM you are using?
  • With Armour break, I like Shell - Neutralize @cajn. I try to break everyone's armour. Then even Osgood can do massive damage and wipe out the entire enemy team.
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