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Double Strike?

Quite a while ago I pulled Murdina from the green door. She has 2pip doublestrike, and no element. At level 20, she does 50 damage herself plus the damage from the team mate.She does roughly 110 damage on a normal hit on perfect. But, I can't seem to find a way to use her. Any suggestions?
  • I teamed murdina with Furio, but as far as a good combo thats all I got out of it .. VERY limited use for DS
  • Use double strike to enhance the effectiveness of warriors with high NM, but situational SM (team strike, Counter blow, Stun Strike, Double Strike, Soul Steal, and even Stealth warriors). Double strike allows you to bring these warriors in using their NM (+double strike damage) instead of their SM. With double strike, Makito can enter the fight at anytime without risk wasting mana.
  • that's pretty much how i use double strike - bring in players you don't want to waste mana to bring on screen (preferably w/ high nm). I can't say i'm a fan of that SM... at all. BUT, i don't mind it in the following setups:

    Double strike + vengeance/twister (vengeance/twister is usually wasted to bring them on before they've lost health.) So the double strike can farm for mana then bring in your vengeance player to take a couple more hits, then finish them off w/ high power vengeance.

    Double strike w/ team strike (mentioned above).

    Double strike w/ Krukk - since his NM is awesome but his switch strike is really pathetic, i don't mind him w/ a double striker and another good teammate. Then the switch is situationally interchangeable w/ the double strike and the double striker becomes a glorified henchman... right where that crappy sm belongs.

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