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Problem with Spurius at the Door of Epics

Dear Warriors,

We have received complaints that Spurius was appearing very frequently from the Door of Epics during the Super Rare and Legendary promotion at the weekend. On investigation we discovered an issue. This problem was limited to the promotion only and the Door of Epics is functioning correctly again now.

We apologise sincerely for any frustration this may have caused you.

If you received Spurius whilst the event was running. We will automatically refund you 10 Wildstones ( red gems ) for each Spurius that you obtained from the Door of Epics during the event . The Wildstones will be sent to your game inbox.

Once this has happened and we have fixed the issue with the event we will run the Super Rare and Legendary event again.

We can’t give an exact timeframe for this yet but we will post a note here to give you advance notice

Thanks for your Patience

The Warriors Team
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