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Got Spurius three times in a row

During the legendary event currently running I pulled the red door three times and received Spurius all three times. I believe the odds for that is so small that this must be an error?
  • Welcome to the DoE (Duplicates offered Everytime)
  • Same here
  • Sorry to hear about your multiple dupes, but that is the norm. At least it was the DOE. One time I had 4 spurious out of 6 pulls from the green door.
  • @Jakobdk

    During the event, I did 18 pulls. 6 rolls were legendary.
    All Spurius.

    I put in a ticket for a wild stone refund. It was clearly an error.

    I advise everybody to do the same
  • at least you got legendary dupes. I pulled 6 times and only got SR dupes.
  • Put in a ticket and got a full refund. Good service
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