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What marketing genius needs to get canned?

MC, what's the #1 thing players have been asking for since day 1 of the game? Answer: ways to get guaranteed new warriors.

What did you give us with this update? The exact opposite: ways to sacrifice our high level warriors to get another level on warriors we've already got. Who was asking for this? Where's the countless forum threads where players and fans are saying, I wish I could add wings and another pointless level to grind for to my already awesome characters? You have countless threads, posts & suggestions from fans - any of which would have made a more fun update than this. What corporate genius thought this update was a good way to invest your company resources to keep players and gain new ones? Maybe start listening to the players and maybe you'll have a game that people start playing again.
  • @apollos712 We can talk between us but MC simply demonstrated that they don't care even after that their profits collapsed. They are just unable to manage a game, that's a fact!
  • It is a vicious cycle - something goes wrong and not rectified - lose players - profit drop - no resources to improve - lose players - profit drops more - no resources - and this goes on.
  • edited September 2016
    I hear you @kkwok2000 . The crazy thing to me is that some of the ideas players have had seem like they'd be so easy to implement. For example, the idea that you can't draw the same dupe twice in any WD season. I can't imagine that would take as much coding as adding an entirely new area of gameplay. And the players would sing its praises and most likely spend money because there's a guaranteed ROI for what we spend. Players grinding for Leonidas, or Klik Klak, etc, i know would spend money if they knew, "OK, within 3 more pulls I know i'm going to get who i really want."

    Or simply adding levels w/ great rewards or campaign-only warriors to the campaign map. Players have been asking for that over and over. That would have to be easier than a totally new thing that nobody's been asking for.

    They are putting their creative and development resources into things that just make the players hate them and the game instead of simpler things that would improve PR AND profits. It is so insane to me that a game with this few players absolutely refuses to listen to their fans.
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