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Should I do doe or training slot

I have 6 44 warriors and still one training slot. Should we do a doe(btw, i got a legend in the last few tries). or a training slot (i have kido and kybosh to train.
  • Training slot is better than a dupe in my book.
    Then again, it was my goal to bring every warrior to level 35.
  • At this point, it probably doesn't matter. Second door will save you a little time, but who doesn't love spending 8 wildstones on a dupe Shaka?
  • Get the training door .. I think latest update should have included option for 2 more training doors ...
  • Time (travel) removes all wounds.
  • I started playing in November of 2014 and have been active since. I have had my two training slots going non-stop ever since and am finally now getting warriors to level 44. (I time-traveled one time but didn't want to risk getting banned)
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