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I have a new suggestion - Clans! Since WoW lacks multiplayer, I think they should add in Clans. You can join a Clan or make your own. In a clan, you can chat with the clan members, and trade warriors. Every month, you can trade only 1 warrior with another clan member. Once you have traded once, you cant trade again for another month. Example:
Clan Member 1: Has Level 17 Tiberius
Clan Member 2: Has Level 25 Mungo
Trade :
Member 1 Recieves Level 17 Mungo
Member 2 Recieves Level 25 Tiberius
That way you can experiment with new warriors
Clans will have friendly battles, where members can battle it off to see who's best. That way you can learn new strategies.
That's my idea, so tell me what you think!
  • Never gonna happen unfortunately. The game doesn't have the $$$ to continue for long.
  • edited August 2016
    What? Is the game dying?
  • @EnderMax25 The game's been dying for months now. What you see now is just a shell of what it used to be, and it's currently in a state of slow, slow death.
  • I agree with @Kemical. The last update was just to get players to sacrifice warriors so they can try to get them to buy them again in the dupe doors. They didn't even fix most of the bugsreported in the last six months.
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