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Crit/retri/overkill soul steal

So with God mod being a way to redo your warriors skill tree it got me thinking how juba which I believe is 3armor 4pip soul steal would function with crit/retri/overkill.i can see crit as it only works with normal attacks, as for retribution I can only speculate,but overkill I have no experience with it myself so I have no idea how it would perform.
So if anyone has a base of experience with this plz share.
  • Overkill applies only to perfect NM that KO's an opponent. Therefore it does not affect Soul Steal.
  • Juba is not a good candidate to go with. His health is too low for effective retribution use. A better candidate would be Vlad. He has all the things to optimise crit/retri/overkill.
  • @jacku Low health means Retri is a short range.

    (I mean, it's not terribly hard to activate Retri on anyone but it's easier with higher health warriors)

    Plus, he won't be getting too many Crits, since optimally he won't be on the field too long.

    Finally, he doesn't have enough physical damage to activate Overkill reliably.

    A better skill path would be Shell (adding to his survival) Auto (adding to his meager pot of EHP) and Recharge (since, like I said, he shouldn't be up front too much.)
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    @Kemical Shell Auto Potion Recharge will definitely... do nothing to Vlad. Auto Potion is just like Retribution. Activates only below 25% health. Once for Auto Potion, Unlimited for Retribution. And why should I use Recharge when it does nearly nothing compared to his soul steal? Why don't I use retribution soul steal instead?
    Shell... Doesn't help against elemental.

    And about Overkill, maybe you have a few misunderstandings. It is not just about physical damage. It is about the damage of the killing strike (perfect). Vlad is one of the hardest NM hitter in the game. He has the potential.

    Critical hit... Not reliable so it is not the focus.
  • @jacku Overkill factors in the NM damage but also takes into account the physical. Vlad's physical is fairly low and he'll probably die before Overkill anyway.

    Shell will allow him to activate AP as he now has an extra armor level.

    AP will increase his survivability.

    Recharge like I mentioned would allow him to hop in and out while regenerating health.
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    @Kemical I would rather Vlad to kill fast instead of barely surviving. His Soul Steals are way better than Recharge. Vlad is designed to die fast.

    And... I have no idea what you are talking about Overkill. Physical damage does not have any relationship with Overkill. No. NOPE. Not even SM damage. No. Soul Steal is not dependent of Vlad's physical. So, there is NO relationship between physical and Overkill. Definitely no. You were talking about survivability.
  • I think what @Kemical means is that the larger the physical, the easier for you to get to overkill and more damage to "overflow". E.g. opponent had 5 HP left. You hit with 100 damage. 95 damage * (pip number factor) get carried over. If your damage is 200, then 195 damage * (pip number factor) got carried over. So, overkill is more useful if you have larger damage.. that's what @Kemical means.
  • @war4yu Still, there is no direct relationship. Vlad's physical damage is not the focus. He is the strongest fire elemental damager.
  • Kutulun is very good over killer
  • @jacku Jacko has better fire damage than Vlad.
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