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Hall of the Gods UPDATE.

Greetings Warriors,

As you may have seen, the new update is out - we kindly ask for your patience while we deal with a few teething problems!

VIP perks - we have seen that some of you are having an issue and not been receiving your perks. We have fixed the issue and we are preparing a compensation gift for those of you who missed any Wildstone or Warriorstone discounts. If this applies to you please check your inbox in a few hours time

Emblems of Glory - we had planned to send bonus EoG’s to all players, to go along with the update - this will now be postponed until later today. We are aware that they are a much needed resource, particularly with the introduction of Gods. Rest assured EoG will be easier to obtain from hereon in the game. We will be increasing the rates that these are earned in the tower and also on daily reward cards. Watch out for EoG bonus events in the near future too.

The New Game Mode - We want to wait until most players are on the new update before we open the God Hall for battle. We aim to open the mode, tomorrow a.m. (GMT) - a banner will announce it in game.

Once these teething problems are fixed we hope you enjoy the new update.

Thanks for your patience

The Warriors Team
  • EoG not really the issue - killing three post 34 warriors is. I will not be playing God Hall.
  • @gradders I feel the same, but then good luck waiting for at least a year till another possible update to change it
  • @alan I haven't been playing for a few months now, except to log in every day for the daily freebie and to see what the update would bring. So on one level why not sacrifice warriors for some new gameplay? I have other games to play, that aren't offering 'upgrades' that are beyond stupid. I almost feel it would be wrong to accept this change as acceptable. Better not to play at all. I think this will be the end of WoW.
  • wait they die frfr ?
  • If I sacrifice three other players, will that make me a God like player?
  • @bvs72 take me , im tired of this place ._.
  • Sacrificing my 7 star warriors so i can get my name on a leader-board is not going to happen. The concept is seriously crazy given the previous game meta is to grow your roster. I seriously think you need to rethink this. I have given you a 1 star review just so we are clear what I think.

    This is not a rage quit. Its just a fact. Ive supported the game from day one (on that note, my previous purchases are not adding to my VIP status - do you have a cut off or something? I spent heavily when the game first launched and I was not so familiar with a duplicate!!)...but this update is just bonkers.

    It takes many months and lots of wildstones to find and then upgrade warriors to 7 star status. Unless getting warriors to 7 stars is going to become significantly cheaper and faster, this update makes no sense unless the goal is money for old rope...

    The more I think about it, the less respect I think the devs have for the players that supported them all this time.
  • The response we all been waiting for.. Not.. Please mc remove the 3 7* sacrifices or quit supporting this game and focus on ps4 wow
  • @Fractavius,
    Please clarify something for me. I need only 1 God level warrior to access the God Hall. Do I need to use that particular God warrior in the hall? Or can I choose any warrior to play in the God Hall?
    Also, what were you guys thinking when you set the upgrade cost to 3x 7 star warriors? 1 7star warrior is already a very steep price most people would have difficulty with.
  • @RiveraL I'm with you on this one mate and like you spent heavily to build a near complete team. There is zero chance that I will sacrifice 3 7 stars for an upgrade. The update has also made the arena poor. I am backing off until there is a fix (if ever)...
  • edited August 2016
    Please @Fractavius communicate the responses from our community to fracture games. You cant ignore this. Read the comments
  • The skill change capability is a great, great thing. It allows players to discover new ways of playing and try out benched warriors, at a fair cost of one gem. Also the new god arena is nice...but sacrificing 3 7 star warriors for one upgrade is too much, it ruins all the good job done with this update.
  • As usual they don't listen. I stopped long time ago to play seriously this game because it is managed very bad ...and they again went beyond expectation with an update that neither an idiot will propose.
    After that a player spent so many time and resources to upgrade warriors at 7 stars he should sacrifice 3 of them to get what....some more levels and fights in loop????
    Seriously, here we are not talking about sacrificing warriors that we benched but warriors in which we invested a lot and this is the most stupid update that could be thought.
    And of new gameplay in the map.
    Seriously, whoever got this idea should change work!
  • Seriously... the whole aim of the game from the start was to collect as many warriors as possible and get them as high level as possible, and now I have to sac 3 to improve and grow 1? That makes collecting a full, levelled-up warriorset impossible!

    This update **** me to tears. Basically all the time and effort I've put in was a waste, thanks! (not!).

    If this isn't changed, I'm completely done playing.

  • Best Way To Kill Your Game , This Update
    Now To Look For A New game , Dam This Had So Much Potiental
  • **** update end of
  • Just leave an appropriate frank and honest review and then move on
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