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Hall of God Completion theory

edited August 2016 in Tactics & Strategies
Basically the new update is out and the fact the update is a survival fighting it got me thinking what would be the best team to fight against such number of waves(I am thinking us 10waves)
I began wondering alright only health gets carried over so take it if one warrior dies your not gonna be seeing him next round alive so your gonna need a healer.
then of course your gonna need a good tank because their is clearly a point in the game when aoe toxic/elemental attack just tickles minions because of their large health so going all damage is just setting yourself up for death if you make a mistake.
So based on my warriors here is what I am planning

Since this is an endurance test I felt this to be the most appropriate team to endure using the warriors I have.
Now i am bringing leech to heal large amount of health and then to return him back with kofi leading the front line allowing leech to heal.
If I am aoe damaged my team can heal in the back even against large tox because of auto potions and the regen.
If I am switched my team can easily adjust itself because of the best way to utilize poison always allows for the team to have 4 or more orbs available as poison is a 3tick turn and you recover the orbs you want for one Sm in 2 turn.

Now of course this is just my theory for how I am strategizing how to handle the hall but for now I must 1st make my fav 2 warrior gods(crixus,Brutus)
Now what are you guys ideas,opinion,or plan to tackle the hall?
  • Looks like Leech or neutralize Amadok is going to make the team. Perhaps a heavy hitter like Karrion and Zenobia ( can't rely on elemental superiority and there's no power loss with Rolling thunder as your enemy dies.)
  • @minh_74
    Can agree what would you using your warriors?and just because you know games are meant to be fun what do you think would be the funnest team for this playstyle?
  • @Leavith,
    I think the team I mentioned (Zenobia, Amadok and Karrion) would be a very fun team to use in the God Hall. In this set up, you can't rely on elemental superiority (bye bye booster-AoE) The wall/ assault warrior set up would quickly become boring and eventually your wall will be worn down very quickly- leaving you defenceless. The bombardier/ switch strike takes too long. Vengeance and Twisters ( with regen) would be an interesting team concept, but by the time you become powerful, you're near death's door. For obvious reasons Team Strikes and Berzerkers are counterproductive.
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