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[RESOURCE] All Warrior Data

After many months of gathering, calculating, and sorting data, I finally have a complete list of all data on every (regular) warrior in the game. I will be adding data on the special warriors at a later time.

A few notes on understanding the spreadsheet:
1: All stats are for level 0, not level 1.
2: For Armor: 0 is light, 1 medium, and 2 heavy.
3: I did not list any warriors' element, but plan on doing so in the future.

Calculations for the spreadsheet:
Multiply stats sans armor by 1.07 ** 34 to get level 34 stats (roughly * 10)
Multiply stats sans armor by 1.07 ** 44 to get level 44 stats (roughly * 20)

Please not that this is a lot of data, especially for one person, but let me know if you see any errors.
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