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Best Defence Teams

Hey guys so I created this discussion to make people aware of which warriors of theirs can make a great team and some teams that have never lost a single match here are my suggestions and feel free to add your best teams :)

1st) Leonidas, Ali, Krimpus - These according to me I call them the sp one hit killers, as if most of us have encountered most warriors are defeated by their SM, I have encountered all of them and everytime have lost a warrior by their sm attack so as everone who are playing this game for a while you should be having krimpus hes one of the best rare warriors in my opinion and he is amazing. If you have any of these three make sure to have them in your team. I have not included kuro who is a one hit killer because he is not that durable once hes in the battle he is easy to kill unlike these 3.

2nd) Orlander, Orenda, Huneric- This in my opinion is the most risky team, but the best part about this team is you never know whats gonna happen which makes this team so scary, but as 2 of the warriors especially orenda have low armour and lowhealth it is very likely you gonna loose plus even playing this team as an attacking team is extremly risky, you never know what can happen

3rd) Wulf, Dao/Kofi/Ardo/Hannibal, Tiberius- this is a very effective team in defence, however the more legendary the tank warrior is the better it is, as among them hannibal i guess is the weakesnt in health then ardo then dao, dao provides little more offence to the team as he can attack earth warriors verd hard with the hunter skill, ardo can be given autopot to make him much more durable. I chose wulf instead of kuro because he has much more health compared to kuro, kuro is likely to get killed in one hit where as wulf with autopotion can survive alot of hits plus 3pip stealth strike is amazing.

4th) Grim, Isak,labashi- This am not sure of but i had encountered this team and lost, they had labashi getting boosted and then grim kills all water warriors and isak as a fire warrior protects from any earth warrior plus his poison slowly killing them making it op.

5th) Osgood/Akbar, Le roc, Gunnar- This is for the people who are new and dont wanna spend any money on the game which means you wanna get more fb friends and get that blue stones, which makes this team as defence for u they include the 2 best commons in the game, osgood and akbar i believe are the only common aoe attackers and ik you guys this osgood is bad warrior but with berserker and power token he can get better, akbar is very good and if you dont have him just email mindcandy and they will give him to you thats what they did to me.

6th) boris, alkan, crixus- this i call the rare team, i used this team when i was ametaur at the game and was really happy with the team alkan provided the op fire killing, boris had the amazing earth beating, and crixus was a beast

If you dont have any of the warriors above just comment I may like to help :)
well here are some honourable mentions
Maccabe, Kirk, Zahara, Vlad, Kuro, Achaly, Zenobia, Arpad, Boarhammer, Joan, Leon, Ramraider, Attalia, kazumi, Boudca, Amina, Cham, Yi ho, Ragnar,Ten bears, Tamerlane, Anil, Seni, Gajahmadha, Virathus, Kido, Aka, ping, utu, Ivan, Jin, Amadok.
  • I've fought that first team a lot and seems like isak/ aggrippa, grim,everard is the only one I've been successful with. So I think that they are a decent team
  • Flavia with Crossfire Amulet and Medalion + Fire Medalion.
    Attila with Promotion, Air Medalion, and Protection Charm.
    Kuro with Earth, Fire, and Air Medalion.

    My defense team when I don't want people to fight me.
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    sorry @joshua1799 - i would disagree with a lot of the team suggestions you give.
    - 1st one is good for most, but i usually beat that team (or ones close to it w/ the big AOE hitters). That team needs to switch one of them out for a great tank or a ? or something that makes it less predicable.
    - #2 could be OK. and #3 is an OK variation of the classic T-K-K team (but Hannibal is terrible and Kuro is usually preferred over Wulf).
    - #4 Scorpio teams don't work for defense & that team is weak on HP.
    - #5 is just a bad team. If you HAD to make a team using only commons, you can't really make a good team. But if ALL you have are commons, yes, Akbar is top pick, and probably Gunnar as the finisher, but you want a less squishy 3rd option, probably AOE, probably Boris (but as a wild card, maybe Zazan. Phantom shild would make a common team less predictable. Players may be able to handle Akbar's endurance... but not buffed by PS.). if somehow you managed to take your commons up to lv35 before getting any "good" characters, a troll team of Malik, Blaine, Osbad/Akbar would actually be an amazing troll team (and the only scenario in which Malik shines). That team would actually be able to beat even the T-K-K or other typical arena teams.
    - boosters aren't utilized effectively by the computer AI. so i'd never recommend any booster. Ever. the computer just boosts, then switches to someone who doesn't benefit from it, effectively wasting your SM.

    here's what i suggest for building a defense team.

    1. Rule #1: Obviously any combo rush warriors (preferably Ali or Leonidas) are great because of the unrecoverable OP damage. If you have one, build a team w/ them.

    2. Rule #2: Keep them guessing - I'd rather face "great" but predicable team of the best characters than a "good" team w/ a wild card. Switch strike and ? SM characters throw in the unpredictability factor.

    3. Rule 3: Elemental advantage - scorpio teams don't work as well for defense as they do for offense. it is too easy to pick off the sniper element and then finish off the team. By using 3 elements or mixing in neutral, you never have elemental disadvantage that lasts more than a round.

    4. Suggestion #4: Unrecoverable damage is good. If you don't have the combo rush, try rolling thunder, poison or counter blow. All nice for unrecoverable damage.

    5. Suggestion #5: Mix good HP, AOE, and heavy hitters for a team that can chip away, finish or endure as called for.

    Right now i'm using Leonidas, Orlander, Klik Klak. Almost nobody even tests that team but i don't think it has lost; and i've won every one i can think.
  • I gotta disagree with you on one point @apollos712. My most successful defense team was all common warriors - Blaine, Gunnar and Kendrix. They were all at level 5, so nobody dare challenge them (or given the chance to fight them).
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    Not sure how you feel about this one image in case image no work here is link
    If link no work here is the people and stats lvl34 from order of leader ,1st slot,2nd slot
    Kofki-air medallion,heart,crossfire-following neutralize branch
    Brutus-armor,water medallion,power-following neutralize branch
    Wulf-fire medallion,assassin,power-following the regen branch
  • @Leavith, while they do stack, the neutralize skill already acts as an elemental medallion. This renders the medallion a lot less effective than usual. Free up those slots for something more offensive.
  • that's a hilarious strategy @minh_74. i can see how that would be highly effective. I certainly don't have any arena teams that would pull that as a "match".
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    @Leavith - that team would work against someone who made a team full of heavy hitting glass cannons, but the elemental predictability would make it too easy to win against that team w/ most any balanced team setup. I personally would definitely play that team rather than skip it with almost any arena team i use regularly.
  • @minh_74 Well you see the thing with the elemental medalion only reason i use them is be cause i down't own the charm that reduces the enemies damage every time they strike the enemy ,but then again you do understand that the team is made up of lvl 34 not lvl 35 so none of them have neutralize or regen

    Well elemental predictability those exist with any team except of course the minions with no elements which is why I stay with using heavy armor tank.and honestly until I can make them lvl cap and they have the third skill those medalians I place there are their for the protection vs elemental attack and the fact leader skill is 30%less water it keeps my tank Brutus well protected against water since it those have less health then konfki who I believe those not need the extra protection.
    As for people not skipping the team I am fine with that I feel this game would thrive more if people would engage more then avoid as it keeps one of the ways that the community interacts via the game more alive.
  • @leavith what i mean by elemental predictability is you can know exactly who is up next and always control which of your characters will be facing whom. There's nothing that will turn the tide in your favor w/ a team like that or catch someone off guard (which makes it an easy team to beat IMO). The only thing that makes it a strong team is just that a lot of newbs put all their heavy hitters on the same team and think that makes a strong arena team. (in which case you have a good team because endurance usually beats power). I'd recommend add a switch strike or a ?SM instead of Brutus, maybe for unpredictability. or if you want more endurance, even Zazan or another phantom shield would be an improvement over brutus - Sama w/ the +10% leader bonus would be great because that would help wulf and kofi.
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    @apollos712 i can see what you mean I used to run Dao,Wulf,kofi before but I had my losses since I added Brutus none so far and their have been I believe 2 who challenged it.while I can see how being unpredictable be a good strategy I am using more of a defense attack strategy the ways I see the tides is already in my favor so is my opponent job to try to turn the tied in his.yes ,you can guess what character will fight you but the Sm of the characters I choosen make it clear what will occur and little impact element resistant will have on the team.
    Kofi poison all
    Brutus soul steal
    Wulf stealth attack

    Let's see I am facing a
    Wind will be used against kofi right and my kofi has the wind med,high health to help against wind damage so what will occur if I am facing wind well kofi will melee with crossfire and Wulf will Sm him
    Water against Brutus,protected by the leader skill plus water med and consider my Sm those direct damage then it keeps him well protected and healed...of course if I had the 4'pip soul stealer that is armor I would change Brutus for him and change wulf to Kuro and change the leader
    Fire against Wulf so since I am leaving Wulf in the back him to be actually facing anyone would require that the warrior have switch/aoe toxic/aoe Fire/indirect toxic/rolling thunder/aoe stealth right
    So let's say the fire user switches Wulf in well Wulf has his hp is quiet good so he can survive a hit from Boudicca specially if he has fire med,what will the Ai do next well send kofi forward toxic the rest of the team and next turn crossfire the team with a strike.

    Of course I am not taking into account people mostly use pots in fight so I am sure if my enemy strategiezes he can defeat this team just gonna have is time consumption.
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