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I need suggestions about my team

edited July 2016 in Tactics & Strategies
Hello everybody,
this is my first post on the forum and i hope i could receive some good advice from you.
I have almost all my warriors around level 28 and i would like to know wich ones is better to upgrade and wich ones leave.
This is my team:

Isak, Belthrax, Volten, Bludbeard, Boris: lvl 29
Zazan: lvl 17 (i just found him and i am leveling him up cause i think it's useful but please tell me if i am wrong)

Gatekeeper, Manawa, Clovis: lvl 29
Attila, Kazumi, Kofi, Zenghis: lvl 28
Gunther: lvl 22 (found some days ago and i wrote is better to train him)

Ping, Cham, Wu: lvl 29
Furio: lvl 28
Kendrix, Erica: lvl 22

Badda: lvl 29
Rodrigo, Ravi, Amadok: lvl 28
Kukan, Aka, Lance: lvl 22 (they are new and i am working on leveling them, that worth it?)

Boarhammer: lvl 29

This is my team.
I read that is better to level up just 3 warriors per element, is that correct? in wich of my warriors i should focus more? Is there any good combo i can use with this team?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me doing the right choices. And please forgive me for my bad english ;)

  • Are this all your warriors? Thats not much.. But allright ill give you some advice. First of all level all yes , 3 per element will do fine and keep the game challenging. 1 phy hitter, one elemental hitter and an AOE per element. In your case i would suggest:
    FIRE Isak and bludbeard since he has a lot more health then volten.third one should be someone like dao , tibby or gonzalo. Not the ones you have.

    WATER manawa gunther and kofi

    Air Ping and wu but youll miss a tanky person.

    EARTH Badda for sure and search for doongara/seni and a good aoer like khut. Dont waste your eogs on the others
  • You despretaly need aoe warriors for earth zuu or ironheart
    And zazan is invincibable with neutralize line
    My team would be ping wuu Boris
    Decent Scorpio team
    Need to expand your warriors tho
  • edited July 2016
    first of all thanks a lot for your kind answers, i appreciate that a lot.

    What AOE mean? sorry but i don't know that.
    It's true i don't have a lot of warriors, but i don't have a lot of money to buy gems and everytime i did it i wasn't very lucky in the temple. I find very often warriors i already have or warriors like: Malik eheheheh i am sure you know what i mean.
    I have just few others warriors but i didn't wrote them cause i think i will leave them at levels 5 and 10:
    Malik, Ivan, Jin, Toki, Gunnar, Abu and Ram. Do you tink i should level up one of these?

    do i have then focus just of 3 warriors per element and i can sell all the others trying the luck on the western doors? Or is better keep all of them just in case?

    Sorry for all my doubts but i am a kind of newbe on the strategies ;)
  • Keep all the Warriors you get anything rare and up you get boogies for dupes and more variaty
    Of fighter plus no dupes on sword pulls
    Aoe just means you can attack all warriors at once like ping and boris
  • edited July 2016
    Ok I see, that's true as Aoe earth warrior i have just Jin, but it's very weak as SM.
    I dream everynight to find Kuthulun lol but she didn't appeared yet.
    I will keep all the warriors from rare and up, yours is a good advice.
    If i understood well i will receive no dupes when i open the red dor using the 3 sword right?

    Last question for you guys:
    How it works the level of opponents/minions on the game? Their level is depending from my warriors highest level (like in the tower)?
    For example now i have warriors at level 30, i am in the map 12 and the enemies are at level 32. If i level up my warriors to level 32 they will be 34? Or they stay at 32 until i reach them?
    I hope i was able to express correctly my doubt :)
    i ask that cause i need also to have a warriors' level the closest to my opponent level to win, or i have to use tons of potions and that's not nice.
    If there is a discussion where i can learn more about it please let me know. thanks
  • @Bear110 the enemy level in the Tower and Portal is based on the level of your warriors. The map enemy levels are set in stone. The enemies in map 12 will always be the same level for every player, so leveling up your warriors will not increase their level.
  • @LeRocIsThor thanks a lot for your reply,
    i understood finally the rules and i am more free to level up my warriors.
  • And your right no dupes from sword pulls.
    I have every boulder bash for earth lol
    They are all good except for Osgood poor poor Osgood
  • I may be a bit late, but heres my two sense.

    As for your other warrriors, Toki, Abu, Gunnar, and also Ivan are all solid warriors.

    Toki with crit hunter, or shell anti/auto can be a great asset to your team. Also since you dont have Maximus and Virtri (both are better), you can always use a air sharpshooter.

    Gunnar is good because hes 3rd pip berserk, and can be set to any skill path. His damage is good and if given shell anti path, his survivability increases so you can dish out more damage with him. Personally, i dont use commons, but thats for a reason ill say in a sec.

    Abu, although hes 1 pip, is really durable if given any shell path, and annoying to deal with in arena for sure. Hunter path works great if your trying to take out any earth warrior.

    Ivan is phantom strike, and if given shell auto/ anti, he can last longer, dishing out more damage. However, crit retri is in my opinion way more fun, but either path is good. Plus his leader skill is great.

    As for me not using commons, i always sac them for 5-10 stones for western door. Usually if you can get a few commons a day, you will be able to pull from each WD at least once. However I dont recommend you sac commons just yet, id say wait until you get at least 45-60 ish warriors (not including commons) so if you sac them, it wont be a hard hit on your team. getting them to level 6 gives you 5 stones, so you will require 20 commons per pull. getting them to level 11 is 10 stones, so you'll need 10 commons per pull. I usually do 5 stones, as i have a lot of honor stones, but if you have the materials, get them to level 11 so its less grindy and tedious.

    Thats just my opinion, im sure other vets might come in and give you some other tips.
  • @Karamel_Kid thanks for the information. An yes, poor Osgood, since i started to play this game i found him something like 25/30 times. and i sell him everytime so fast lol ahahahahah :)

    @chessplays wow! thanks a lot for your analisys, i appreciated a lot off the suggestion i received from you and from the others guys. They are helping me to have a strategy, a plan and forming a good team.
    Having 45/60 worriors for me maybe means wait 2 more years lol . Today i opened the western door again and.......... i found (AGAIN) Furio. Not lucky at all. The only 2 warriors i have availables on the western doors are Furio and Ravi, and find for the second time Furio it doesn't help a lot feel me lucky lol. But i will follow for sure your suggestion about sell common warriors after level them up a bit to receive more green gems.
    I really don't think there is a rule about the level, cause sometimes i sell common warriors at level 6 but i receive just 2 green gems. Maybe i must to restart the game?

    About the common i have at the moment maybe i made a mistake, i just sold Gunnar but if i will find him again i will train him for sure following your kind suggestions.
    I agree with you about abu, but at the moment i have bludbeard and Volten, do you think is a good idea leveling up Abu too?
    I tryed Ivan in the past, i had him at level 28 but he died always very soon. Do you think i should train him again for the team? I have also Boris and Aka. If you think he could be very useful i will train him without any doubts.
    I don't know why but i feel very confortable in fighting using Gatekeeper and Ravi, their SM helps me a lot when the enemy try to escape, maybe while i am waiting for Kuthulun or ironheart Ravi could be an help.

    Anyway thanks a lot to anyone spent his time to answer me giving me precious suggestions. ;)
  • edited July 2016
    No problem, and since you ask, ill go in on how get my green stones. But before that, the level 6 warrior that you mentioned that costs 2 stones happens all the time. It actually costs 5, but you need to wait for it to register and say five. I remember waiting 30 minutes for it to register. In the meantime, you can grind.

    Start off with 2/1 warriors training in the training camp. Then you want to refresh the game, and go to settings to change your iphone/ipads time so that its 1 more day. Then after you do that, go open the game back up. Your meat should be full, along with the warriors in your training camp should be finished training. There is a catch to the meat though

    1: You cant do the portal (It will ask you to change the time back to what it was)
    2: You cant do tower or arena (Same thing as above)
    3: Once you set your time back to normal, you will start with 0 meat, regardless of whether or not you had meat to begin with. If you forget to complete training of a warrior you put in there, it will gain more time, same with the special campaign battles (the ones with actual warriors, but you can usually just beat those and they will disappear). For example, if i left Abu to train for 24 hours, but proceed to set my time back, and i went forward 4 days, it will be 24 hours plus 4 days.
    4: You cant pull from WD if you go past a week (just go back to regular time.)

    It should also be noted that Facebook honor stones work the same, but of course they run out since you have to request them in order to get more. Unless everyone is using your same grinding method, it wont infinitely give you stones.

    As for getting honor stones, doing side battles in campaign is the quickest way to get them besides Facebook's free 20 every day. Usually if a chest starts at the beginning of a battle, it can have a few things.

    Honor stones: 1-15
    An occasional wildstone, but its rare.
    Materials such as gold silver and bronze
    Talismans/ talisman scrolls

    Its tedious, but if you got spare time on your hands, you should be able to infinitely do this, just keep in mind you have to open your game once you reset your time to get your meat back to regenerating.

    For Abu: hes not essential, and since you have volten, he can definitely wait. Blub is worse than him IMO, but level him for fun's sake

    Ivan is solid, but not a must have if you got AoE attackers on fire. Focus on other elements first. If you want him to survive a bit more, shell anti or auto would be your best bet. Anti leads to neutralize, and just like volten, he would be very hard to kill. Auto makes it so that his leadership skill comes to play and you can keep him alive so that he isn't affected as much when a fatal AoE attack comes and lowers him to 1 shot. Hes 3rd pip phantom strike, and if you dont have Amanar, hes a good alternative until you do get him. Besides, like the others said, Keep rares and up, more change of getting legend once 3 swords comes up.

    Hope this grinding strat works, and if you pull from the WD again, let me know who you get.
  • @chessplays very nice explanation about the game mechanical.
    You was right, waiting some minutes the warriors at level 6 give 5 stones instead 2. Finally i got the trick :) i was driving crazy about that.
    I will take in mind all your suggestions, and i understood better potentials of warriors i believe they was too weak.
    Thank you again.
    Ps: i opened the WD again and i found........... Murdina, i hope he worth it. His stats seems interesting but i never used his SM and his alinement is neutral and i still don't know yet how to use well neutral warriors. I will level him up anyway and i will see what happens.
  • @Bear110 @chessplays Pulling warriors/commons in honor door can correct the 2 green stones for level 6 commons sacrifice. Hence, if you encounter again this 2 green stones and you have blue stones to open the honor door, try your luck to pull commons. Once you pull one warrior, try sacrificing the level 6 warrior previously registering 2 greens and it will be corrected to 5 greens. You don't have to wait for 30minutes... :) Just sharing!
  • @cajn thanks a lot for the explanation ;)
    @Muppet_Lover thank you so much for the kind welcome, that's a great community, and i am so glad to be part of it.
  • @Bear110 No problem. I've been here for over a year and I gotta tell you, this is an awesome forum!
  • here are the teams i'd think about from your list. hope you like some of them:

    Kendrix - Isak - Wu

    Kofi - Zazan - Clovis or Amadok

    Gunther - Gatekeeper - Aka or Lance

    Rodrigo, Ravi, Kazumi

    Attila - Boarhammer - Kukan

    Boris - Belthrax - Cham

    Furio - Ping - Volten

    Erica Bludbeard, Zazan (phantom shield works great w/ any AOE, including poison)

    Manawa, Badda - i'd save these awesome boosters until you have some water and earth AOE.

  • I've been playing since the beginning of this game. Now I have a nearly full book and all but 5 minions are above level 35 (deliberately).
    I raised my first group of warriors (5 of each element) to be as varied as possible. (Physical AoE, Elemental AoE, physical DPS, Elemental DPS and booster). This made progress through the game easy. The other requirements for the Warriors I chose were arena team composition and how much I enjoy using them. I never worried about which warrior was "best" to upgrade -those were the one I had most fun using.
    Forget the campaign for a while. Use your meat to farm for upgrade materials (can never start too early.)
    Take commons to level 11 before sacrificing them. Repeat and repeat. If your warriors are roughly level 28, you can earn the XP for the minions
  • @minh_74 - i find only boosting commons to level 6 gets greens faster for me (simply because it only requires 1 battle and far fewer upgrade materials). it takes me so long to get the materials i need to take them up to 11 that i find my honor stones start piling up (seems i'm always short on bronze). how to you get them to 11 quickly w/o hitting a brick wall for materials?
  • @apollos712, when I was still sacrificing my common warriors, the rest of my teams were around level 33. Therefore, 1battle (side battle, arena or tower) was enough to bring each common up to the next level. Oh an I had a stockpile of a gazillion XP potions that can't be used by anyone else.
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