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Test one of your games with me.

I've been looking for god sake everywhere in the app store and i find out in my personality:
Some games doesn't have what it needs for me to play.
Some games are just a fan game and doesn't make me play at all. When i encounter such games i think it's no good at all.

What do i want if i want to play a game:
Game that includes rarity and elements
Game must look good in quality and also look good as i see in the screen
Game that gives me to make awesome custom things
Game that has gaming in a whole new level may make me want to play
Games what has events with awesome rewards
Games that have features that i don't know about may make me want to play
A bad*** multiplayer game
  • Dba dokkan is good
    So is summenors war
  • Papa's Cupcakeria/Burgeria/Freezeria/Pizzeria To Go! are pretty good although they don't have the first and last features. I also suggest Disney Crossy Road but it still doesn't have a few of those features
  • Hmm, I suggests these ones for you:
    Dragon City
    Monster Legends
    Jurassic World: The Game
    Dragon Land
    Monster Squad

    Hope this list helped you out a little :)
  • Jurassic world: the game
    Summoners war
  • @Golnaz_Electric i have dragon city and monster legends. But i might as well search these 3 games and find out
  • @BossJames006 Good to know. :)
    @benisforawesome What level are you in Jurassic World?
  • @Muppet_Lover @BossJames006 Same with Papa's Taco Mia HD. I was playing it almost all day yesterday lol, it is ADDICTIVE
  • I'm playing pixel gun and injustice mobile all day
  • @benisforawesome You have such a long way to go. :D I'm level 54
  • Tactile Wars Level 38
  • edited August 2016
    @Golnaz_Electric my cousin is at 75, but my other cousin is at 4
  • How about a game called Hearthstone?
    This game can be downloaded on your phone,tablet or computer.
    Hearthstone is a card game which can be very challenging to play since it requires your skills of choosing your cards and finding a way to win.And also must be played online with other players worldwide.
    The reasons I suggest you to play this game is that:
    1.There are different kinds of cards which contains rarity.And for Legendary cards,they will appear in a cool way.(Mostly there will be some music which makes you feel excited)As for elements,it is classified by a hero's class instead.And there are nine classes(Which means you have nine free heros,other heroes in the game can be bought by real money)Those classe's cards have different abilities.e.g:a class called Druid,some of those cards will let you to choose a spell.(Every class has spells and minions)Read more in the App Store if you are interested.
    2.Well,I think I mentioned there will be a cool way when you have legendary minions.And if you got a golden card.The background for the card moves.You will know after you download it.(if you want)
    3.I think I told you about the costume.
    4.Whole new level?There is!But you have to play more online mode(play mode)To earn gold or just use real money to buy a single player adventure.Quite challenging the levels are.
    (And there will be an update in 11/8 and there will be a new adventure which some parts are completely free.)
    5.Speaking of rewards,it's about how lucky you are.If you got a card pack.You have chance to summon an amazing card or pull pack of unuseful cards.(Just like opening the DOE in WOW)
    6.Besides online playing,you can add a friend's game account as your friend in game.And you both can compare which one's skills are stronger.I always play with my brother and our skills are almost the same)
    So I hope you can consider this game as one of your wish list.Thank you for reading.
  • Speaking of that game, i have played this before to earn other in-game rewards.

    But i gotta ask you guys something......
    Is anyone playing Pixel gun 3d?
  • Here try "Seven knights" It's constantly being updated and it fits every Thing you said! Here's footage of Friend battles I had
  • Is that on PC?
  • its a mobile game for andriod and apple, you can play it on PC if you have a Emulator (P.S im very old and takes me a while to reply to comments.)
  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
    A brave frontier - like with big challenges
  • I haven't played Yu Gi Oh in years @benisforawesome ...haven't played it as it was designed in over a decade. 1 on 1 on 1 is much more interesting.
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