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HALL OF THE GODS Update News #3

Godlike warriors will allow you to take part in a totally new survival-style game mode with different rules than you have been used to. So long as you have a Godlike Warrior on your team, you will be able to enter the Hall of the Gods twice a day! Here you will battle as many enemy waves as you can to score as many points as possible daily. Points are earned by defeating enemies and being skilful. Periodically the best players will be immortalised in a special banner that will remain in the Hall of Fame.

UP NEXT - How to get ready for the update!

  • @RKStar @robofrac by the time this update gets released i guess their will be 100s of news updates.
  • Hmp, just banner? Any other rewards??
  • Wildstones or Warrior stones for reward please,I don't want to become a banner(although it's impossible)
  • Thank you @robofrac , this new game mode sounds interesting!
  • This sounds like a bit of a waste of time. If they think the thought of being immortalised for a period of time on a leaderboard is enough to entice players to jump back on board here, they have not been paying attention to the Arena.

    Speaking as a player that was well into the top 10 globally, once the game went sideways, I could not care what position I am in ... The same will go for this part of the game. It needs to be much more than just another leader board for players that can score the most perfect hits ... or whatever...

    Ideas that probably would get me playing...

    Rewards = 50-100 Greed stones so every week I can do a few pulls looking for warriors im missing.

    Live, syncronous PVP
  • edited July 2016
    HALL OF THE GODS Update News #1 --- July 2
    HALL OF THE GODS Update News #2 --- July 10 (plus 8 day from news#1)
    HALL OF THE GODS Update News #3 --- July 20 (plus 10 day from news#2)

    HALL OF THE GODS Update News #4 --- Aug 1 (plus 12 day from news#3) ???
    HALL OF THE GODS Update News #5 --- Aug 15 (plus 14 day from news#4) ???
    HALL OF THE GODS Update News #6 --- Aug 31 (plus 16 day from news#5) ???

  • @cajn Just what I thought as well : D
  • @cajn Very smart. Let's hope that's not the case though. :lol:
  • @Golnaz_Electric @MJM0708 10 days before August 1... let's see.
    @CoventryTileHill Computing the 100th News Updates... Hmp... 100th News Updates will on 26th of March 2045... Computed using excel :) :smiley:
  • @cajn *Mind blown*
  • @cajn computer genius :wink:
  • Hmmm.. no new warriors to play with, level remain at 44... Arena and tower and map stay the same??
  • I believe they will add some new Warriors, even commons are good news
  • I wanna know what it will take to achieve "Godlike" status. Will we need to start farming for EoGs now?
  • another arena grind feature ._.
  • Sounds awesome! We've been asking for a survival mode for a long time now!! Hopefully we get decent rewards
  • @MVP what happend to the vids
  • @souleader127 the reason is the game itself has lot of contents making the player constantly grind for that and that thing and it goes over and over again, turning to end result that both haloist/zesty and mvp stops the video uploads or uploads less videos.(no offense)
  • No zesty still makes vids I'm just wondering why does he not put new content like fallout 4 or ect
  • @BossJames006 Don't forget about Skip.
  • @MJM0708 that's also true to him.
    So that's 3 rip awesome youtubers
  • edited July 2016
    Update ? New level 45 ? comming soon ? Android
  • Well we are in August now.... It should be near
  • @robofrac

    "Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do?"
  • image
    It seems we'll get to lvl 51!!
  • image lvl 52!
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