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Is it just me, or is the Healing Strike skill path worthless?

Guard has a 33%-67% chance to active on an opponents Normal Move, reducing its damage. Too bad most popular warriors have lousy NMs and crazy Special Moves.
Mana Spring has a 33%-50% chance to activate on any damaging hit, giving you ONE extra mana. If it activates on your 2-mana turn, it can sorta help, but gee, I just love it when it actives on my 1 mana turn when I have no mana, shave off a whopping 0 turns needed to charge my SM.
Healing Strike restores a colossal 7ish percent of each member of my team's health whenever I score a KO... with my NM... and a Perfect... Well, at least it plays to my good NM, and I just had to give up Critical Hit for it.

And people say the Hunter path is trash.

Seriously though, how do you even use this path?
  • Mana spring on Tanks in front of Stealth Warriors.
    Mana Spring with Combo rush teammates.
    Mana Spring with Soul Stealer.
    Mana Spring with Counter blow.
    Mana spring could provide that one extra boosted AoE attack that destroys your opponent.

    Healing Strike should never be relied upon, but it's a bonus when it happens.

    Definitely not the most useful skill path in the arena. But everywhere else, where the battles are longer, Mana spring becomes more effective. The Guard path is the team support path. Don't go looking for personal glory down this path.
  • Lucky for you the new update you can change that
    @minh_74 is right my favorite to use then in is tanks like Yada or Lance
    With a healer any one is good except everard, constant healing through out the game so any damage taken is healed
  • Yess healing strike is not great but the extra mana can help a lot, certainly when its 5pip. Healing strike mmm.. Overkill and poison edge arent that good either. Only body guard and neutralize (maybe recharge) are a little worth it.
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