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I have Gonzalo and Kanar retri.
How are his stats at 28?
What do you recommend me for his skill path ?
  • Physical: 179
    Elemental: 59
    Health: 562
    As always it depends on your style if you want Gunther to last longer then shell/anti is a better chose but if you want him to dish out more damage with a single blow then crit/ret or crit/hunter is a good chose I went crit hunter and he fairs very well against any element but completely crushes fire warriors the extra poison damage dosent hurt either
    So IMO I would choose crit/hunter
  • @Karamel_Kid Thanks.
    As he is the only Armor Break warrior who you can choose his skill path makes him very versatile.
  • @Angonos I would definitely go shell/anti/neutral on him. I did and I love it. Makes Gunther an elite option. This gives you an AB warrior with no weakness that can be used in any situation. The other viable path is BG. Gunther can SM till he dies and weaken the enemy team while also boosting your own. I don't suggest the crit path because there already are 2 retribution AB Warriors and Hunter is just a weak path with Gunther's physical not super high.
  • @Angonos - I also went shell/anti with him and I only can recomend it! Pretty amazing warrior and hard to kill with this skillpath!
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