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We are going to restart your game due to failing english class

"We are going to restart your game due to inactivity" - MC loses 10 points for grammar

"due to" is an adjectival prepositional phrase. It requires a linking verb to be grammatically correct. So the above phrase that we see every time the game restarts is grammatically incorrect.

it could be revised as follows:
"We are going to restart your game because of inactivity"
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    Tbh that's not my problem tho you can talk to MC about that
  • Not sure if it is an error in proper English, but in colloquial English, "due to" is acceptable.
  • I like to use due too because I am due two refunds for the bad english.
  • All Heil Grammar Hitler
  • hey @kemical... we've found a way to gripe about everything else they've done wrong... why not throw bad grammar into the mix also, lol
  • LOL, just joking. But seriously... there's a lot of problems with this game. They have something like 40 Asian warriors and exactly three North American warriors...I mean I get that they want to attract the Asian contingent but come on...there's less than 10 African warriors and 5 of them are from North Africa...Euro-centric much??
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    No offense..... but I would of wrote "due to." It's just the style of my writing, which probably means I wouldn't make a good English teacher. :D
  • A question to the thread creator.

    Do you think this was neccesary at all? This will result to a weird discussion only because of a grammar problem.

    If you don't want to end up in a weird discussion, choose one of these(even tho i might be wrong):

    - Stop talking and everybody else should too
    - Be careful when you're gonna talk
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