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Well what do you all think of him
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  • Pretty comparable to Toki - better HP, worse overall attack, slightly better elemental. And considering that toki's elemental is actually pretty high that probably makes him a useful air sniper (esp w/ his +30 leader skill).

    But Gutrot's skill path is horrible... giving Toki the edge of the two, IMO. Toki w/ hunter is still the better sniper. Toki w shell-auto would be more durable and have the stronger attack. And considering that we're comparing him to a common (granted, one of the upper middle echelon of commons), I'd say Gutrot lives up to his name and stinks as far as "legendary" characters go. Nice to know I don't need to regret not grinding for him.
  • L24 like all my other minions
  • so far Klik Klak and Krukk are still the only minions that really stand out.
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    Shokka and madkat are nice too , and what about leech and retri regen dark dirk? @apollos712
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    @knightmare22 - I'm making that statement from the POV that the minion is a game changer or seriously OP. Madkat is a little above average - definitely worth going for. But i wouldn't call him OP, however. Probably the same w/ Shokka. I don't have Leech, but dark dirk is very good. Probably better than Belthrax... but not better than Wu. To be fair, Klik Klak isn't better than Zenobia - but she's top 10 in the game if not top 5. So Klik Klak, even though he's not as good as his counterpart is still super OP - that's really what I'm going for here - all the minions are solid. None are bad. But one Like Klik Klak will singlehandedly tear up almost any team. Krukk has the 2nd most powerful NM in the game and a super versatile SM. So these two are standouts that are worth grinding for. The others are mostly above average and good, but if you miss them, there are plenty of other warriors in the game who can do what they do.
  • Ah yeah, i totally agree with you. Outstanding in that kind of way.. then youre totally right about krukk and klik klak @apollos712
  • Mudd is also not bad, among minions. Pretty durable, and AOE is good damage.
  • yeah @war4yu Mudd is better than Zuu. he's pretty good. I hope they bring out the booster minions in the book soon to go w/ him. all my boosters are teamed up.
  • Leech is good 4-pip heal and right now I have him as lvl 30
  • @apollos712 How is Klik-Klak not as good as Zenobia? On paper they look about the same - both very powerful warriors. Interested to know your top 10!
  • But gutrott is really good when boosted and I find him better with manna spring so he can escape the fray quickly when an earth warrior comes out
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    Looks like we got a necromancer here.
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