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HALL OF THE GODS Update News #2

  • edited July 2016
    Actually like the idea of healing strike and mana spring on AoE or characters that can single out other my grim he is mana spring for obvious reasons more mana more waves and with healing strike I can heal up from the madness I a, causing since getting perfect while it may be hard at 1st u get really used to it and I do want to add that I am referring to the attack not the aoe.
  • I think the most OP warrior will be Leonidas once he goes crit-retri-overkill
  • edited July 2016
    @aTOM_boomb not pretty sure everyone agrees tbh.
    But I wonder what "GODS MODE" can do, and what's the thing about that?
  • The game isn't dead yet? Worth coming back?
  • It has its moments. God mode is last real hope. Nice to see you @Kemical
  • @Kemical Long time no see bro, how's it going?
  • I am exited for the hall of God not excited for the sacrifice to make a God.althought the way I'm seeing this so far is gonna be a while before I have to deal with a God unjust made my 1st 35 which was my Brutus .
  • Yeah, meet me in front of the building - I have to go to the bathroom first. I have massive fissure itch.....

    oops sorry, wrong chat

    carry on WoW'ers
  • Seriously you promote this update
    And then on the update day you went on a holiday................
  • If I released this update, I would hide too.
  • I would probably kill myself.....
  • So far all thoose vip perks dont seem to work
  • @rak with level 45 McCabe, does the minions in tower and portal adjust to level 45 also? Or you need to have at least three level 45 then the minions will adjust to that level.
  • 40 meat portal was lv 45 ! Didnt do tower yet,@cajin
  • Iv been getting way more double idol and totems
  • @rak yo, its time to go , why are you still here on this game
  • Because all thoose games **** and I dont have to pay for this one anymore
  • @rak this game is booty
  • Booty ?? @MVP why what are you playing at the moment?
    Dont play that much anymore
    I cant live without the forum! Muah muah muah
  • Zinc cream worked!
  • Let me know w how the tower works out @rak. Most of my warriors are at level 38. I'm worried that if I bring 1 warrior into god mode, the rest of the game (tower, portal and side battles) will become unplayable.
  • Top tower floor and 40 meat portal are 45 for me now....... I have one 45
  • Looks like it's time to go back to levelling a group of warriors one level at a time then. Thanks @rak.
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