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HALL OF THE GODS Update News #2

Here’s a video showing how Warriors who have achieved Godlike status will look - pretty cool, huh?! With the ability to re-skill, these Warriors are going to be awesome. Next time we’ll share a little info on the NEW ‘Hall of the Gods’ game mode!

Until next time - prepare to SMITE!

  • HOLY GOD. I wish they each had a uniqe change tho.
  • They only gain wings kind of a let down
    Not really anything to look forward too
    But atleast we can change skills
  • **** when is the new update?
  • looks so good!!! Can't wait to hear about the new mode ^~^
  • idk abt some legend skills as some legends meet their skills perfectaly... it is so hard to choose whether to change path of some legendary warriors who people have stayed with and perfected their skill for example tiberius and kofi and kuro, some people may change kofi to shell autopot which looks very very dangerous XD vlad i dont think any one should change his skill, and just imagine... utu and all element warriors with hunter... omg too
    i am just scared about the fact the upgrade will take alot of materials!! such as 2 eogs and as all neutral warriors take fire the fire day will be in so much demand!!
    idk someone help with skill choosing for some legends!!! ahh am so nervous abt this update XD
    but will special warriors get the wings aswell coz i believe only gatekeeper will look good with the wings
    but just the wings.... umm not that fun minions with wings wont look good...
  • edited July 2016
    one question tho... at end of the teaser they showed a combination of maximus and ying does this mean we can combine warriors now........... :open_mouth: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So they can fly and take me to heaven !
  • edited July 2016
    The Ying-Maximus-Volten hybrid @joshua1799 was telling us. Cool but freaky at the same time. Lmao.
    I think you can also customize their element, since the wings are green instead of red and yellow.
  • Eh it's alright I mean just wings and what will be god mode
  • Are the warriors upgrades just going to have wings? I thought there was going to be more though .-.
  • And they all look way too happy why do they look so happy
  • ok....

    when devil-like mode be ready. i want to see horns on these bad minions ;)
  • Godlike Minions will have Black wings??? sounds cool..
  • like the new looks. About time the legend got a new "face".. they are stuck with the same outlook for all levels!!
  • @magnifisico Hopefully not. Madkat won't look good with horns! Keep them wild ears!
  • But all of them just have wings?!I mean will there be an airbond battle?
  • Ying-Maximus-Volten hybrid could mean sacrificing two/three warriors to combine as one and come up with the hybrid. Or combining all three god-like form of Ying-Maximus-Volten to evolved your warrior to that Hybrid! Hype... hype... hype...
  • Will minions have their new looks too and become demons?
  • Will Blaine have pink wings?
  • Combining will be really cool... I don't think it will work like that though. Too many code changes!!
  • Dao is going to be a beast with a re-skill, I would consider Ironhart re-skilled too (even tho he is amazing), I like Sama as is but I would be curious to see him with another skill, Karrion with retribution or a survivor skill, Zenobia with retribution (omg), Kashta could potentially become useful, Benkai - retribution would be awesome, Gwen - shut the doors she is going to be a beast, Agrippa (anyway you actually want him now), Alboin - his skill path isnt conducive to his stats, Hector - oh heck yea, Crockett - id try the autopot route on him, Orenda - shell all day or retri, Wulf - retribution (or just keep him as is), Grim - make this guy a crushing retribution tempest, Wallace - something better, Maxmius - you know attack or protect, Ping - same. Basically anyone with mana spring is an option to change.

    The best to re-skill will be Dao, Ping, Karrion, Kashta, Benkai, Gwen, Alboin, Orenda, Hector, Grim and Crockett. I am sure I missing some of the minions, but I haven't played since they came about other than the first few green doors guys.
  • Shell-auto will make Kofi a monster of a tank. Good with kuro provided there is no AoE or switch strikers on the opposition.
  • @clc898: Kashta as-is is actually really good. I have him with Kibi and just the 2 of them win most of the fights without the 3rd warrior. KAshta with retri is going to kill EVERYONE. Currently, with 1 HP, he deals about 900 to each. With retri, he is going to deal about 1600 to each. He is going to outperform even Amanar.
  • Retri Isak. Is that a thing?
  • @Fractavius @RKStar Hi is it possible for you guys to give like an estimate when the new update will come.
  • Update = resurrect the game
  • Retribution YI HO!!!!!!!
  • It really wasn't what I was expecting while the idea of wings seems pretty this game story arc or actual theme never follows such concept of we gaining follows the concept of becoming something more. the idea of being better warriors with powerful skills is appealing and the fact we use people from history keeps us rooted to the idea of some form of logic example Le Roc bio gives us a hint to some form origin that exist from the powers of the warrior.
  • @war4yu yes, basically anyone with mana spring as their second skill is going to be able to get a boost because of its randomness.
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