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Is a good warrior to level up?
What would skill path be great for him?
  • I went with shell anti so he can survive more on the battlefield
    Gaurd soul spirit is really good if your taking up past 34
  • edited July 2016
    G-SS-BG is my recommended path. There are few earth bodyguards. Helps to keep a crit-warrior team member alive
  • I'm happy with shell antidote neutralize Amadok because it means that I can have healing whenever I need it- regardless of who the enemy is.
  • Amadok is a great balanced healer. I'd recommend guard-ss if you want a support warrior or shell-anti if you want him to stand up for himself a little and also be situationally better.
  • @Zzrrdd I have Kukan BG at 28 (my max level), but I have few earth Warriors so I want to level up a good one (Amadok).
    I do not have any earth warrior in the shell-anti route, but having Amadok the hability of heal makes him a good support warrior.
  • @Angonos don't get me wrong, Amadok is a great support warrior despite his skill path! Guard-ss opens up a new support feature when you get him over 34 and he becomes a BG. However, shell-anti is also a great path as I said. Either path works well but bear in mind your most likely to get more earth warriors soon, so try not to base your skill choice around your current team as it will probably change before long. Besides, you can never have too many BGs.

    Overall, the choice is down to you. Depends what you want to do with him in the future.
    Good luck ^~^
  • @Zzrrdd Thanks a lot.
    I will wait a little to get more earth Warriors, so Amadok must wait.
  • @angonos no probs ^~^
    Amadok is a great healer, often thought to be better than bibi because of his durability!
  • @Zzrrdd This is a good fact to know!
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