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HALL OF THE GODS Update News #1

Hello again Warriors,

In the coming update there will be a new Upgrade level, 8 star, which we are calling ‘Godlike’! Godlike status will come with a new costume upgrade for each warrior, higher stats and most importantly, the ability to rebuild the skill path for any warrior achieving Godlike status. You'll need those re-skilled warriors for the HALL OF THE GODS game mode!

Watch this space for a ‘Godlike’ sneak peek video soon!


  • Yes finally Flavia's ugly look will change
  • Cool! Can't wait to see what my favorite warriors look like!
  • great......

    what is the cost for upgrade this time? another EOG or something that costs $$$
  • edited July 2016
    Godlike minions..?
  • I wonder if you can change a legendary warrior's skill path.
  • Amazing!My minions will have a new look too.
  • So does this apply to Minions and Special Warriors?
  • @Fractavius sounds great but please do not make the cost or materials needed to upgrade outrageously excessive. Upgrading to 7 star already takes considerable time, effort and cost. Really looking forward to the upgrade but please keep us fans in mind.,. Thanks
  • Yesyesyes!!!
    Finally a chance firmed new game mode ^~^ and new upgrade sounds amazing! Btw, can we redo skill paths on legendary warriors too @Fractavius I assume so XD
  • I assume so, otherwise no point as I can just sacrifice common or rare to rebuild skill path already.
  • im not sure it is possible to make malik "Godlike"
  • Better start grabbing resources!
  • @Chaoskid357 Welcome back. I just made my return as well yesterday.
  • Good news can't wait until this update comes!
  • hmmmm...

    They seriously killed my enjoyment of this game with the minions and how they released them (Greed Portal and every other arena tournament)...

    Unless something drastic changes, this might be my end game...all I see here is another upgrade level for a bunch of heroes I dont use...some new resource that I dont have to upgrade them (as if EoGs were not bad enough), and countless "what skill path should I choose for Malik?" threads...

    The sneak peek vid might change my mind but we'll see...
  • @Fractavius HALL OF THE GODS Update News #2
  • On next update, please lower the EOG requirement to upgrade warrior past level 34. Kindly make it 1 EOG so that I can upgrade 2 warriors per week (considering I can win tower & arena).
  • Guess for godlike lvl requirement 2 EOG, 15-20 gold or silver, 4 TT, 6 totems, 10 idols
  • Hope they will lower the cost of upgrade packs!
  • Hopefully a new, more accessible currency will become available for the 'new game mode.' This currency could be used to upgrade over 44.
    Wishful thinking I guess...
  • Three warriors I hope change there entire look 1 wang
    2 blaine
    3 Juba
    3 Boris
    4 Tarhu
    5 Pacorus
    Ugliest warriors in the game
  • I hope Wang gets an even bigger, MORE ridiculous helmet.
  • Just imagine how kuro or kido will look like. Can't wait for the update.
  • Leonidas will get his spartan armor lol
    Aka gets an extra feather
  • @apollos712 Wang will get frills on his helmet.
  • edited July 2016
    Upgrading to a new part to warriors new levels ?
  • @Fractavius Dude where is the news ?

    On this pattern we should have the update ready on midd March 2017 ;)
  • soo an update where the only content put in is costume changes and a higher level cap ?

    5 EOGS 10 Trophies 10 Totems etc

    BLAH >.<
  • edited July 2016
    Update ? New level 45 ? comming soon ? Android
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