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Go west, young game, go west

It would be great if an update of the game could expand the map to the west for new campaign(s) and quests. Mods, what are the odds of this every happening in an update?

With that expansion, could come the opportunity to implement things the players have complained about with the previous campaign and really take the fun level of the game up a notch.

so the purpose of this thread is to provide suggestions and feedback on what would make a new campaign a lot of fun. Suggestions can be what to improve, what to do differently, story suggestion, etc.

- Win campaign only warrior(s) - perhaps in the campaign's story, a new character could be liberated/unlocked or join the team - someone you can only get by playing the campaign would be awesome. The fun of the game is getting new warriors - so the current campaign is missing THE most fun element of the game - the ability to get a new warrior.

- Make the side quests have better rewards (the side quests in the original campaign have always been a major disappointment)

- New side games (just like the coast has the arena and the tower, it would be awesome to "discover/unlock" a great new side game in the exploration of a new campaign).

- town merchant/marketplace - it would be cool to have a town or something w/ a marketplace where you can trade things you have in abundance (gold, etc) to buy or barter for other cool stuff.

- Introduce new special warriors & minions
  • well lucky you the "hall of the gods are coming out"
  • @apollos712 awesome suggestion! It'd be cool if you could 'save' exclusive warriors like you suggested, and then have them join your team. Either that or you could capture certain minions/bosses and have them join your team.
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