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Fan Favorite Poll: Gwen, Gajah Mada, or Ragnar?

Who you want to be this week's Arena prize?


Cast your vote here:
  • I voted for Ragnar because he's a rare legendary I hardly got him
  • But so far Gajah is winning but Ragnar is not so far behind
  • Gajah Mada was the first arena season I reached to rank 1,so I voted him.But,I have Krimpus already which both their health,armor,attack power are the same(Simliar for attack)
  • So far as I'm writing this gajah and Ragnar are both tied 946 votes each
  • Man I dont know which one is gonna win
  • Gajah mada winning by 1 vote
  • I really wanted gwen
  • Ragnar won by 11 votes
  • I feel bad for those who wanted Gwen she is a very good legend but at the same time Ragnar is a 3 pip vengeance and he is very good aswell and hard to get
  • I dont believe this polls are legit. You can vote multiple times and its just not representative. I hate this ****. Why not gwen or gajah? AND WHEN MCCABEEEEEE
  • McCabe is only 2 more swords away for me @Knightmare22. He's the last warrior I'm missing that is not a Western Door exclusive.
  • Awww so jealous man!! @minh_74
  • edited June 2016
    This vote was so close!


    Thanks for voting, and good luck in battle this season.

  • I vote Gajah Mada.
  • Ragnar
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