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All warriors(Not very Detailed)

Element Name Pip Rarity

Tornado Strike
Toki 2pip Common
Maximus 3pip Legend
Virathus 4pip Legend

Abu 1pip Common
Kadam 2pip Super Rare
Bludbeard 2pip Legend
Volten 3pip Super Rare
Anil 4pip Legend

Frozen Crunch
Zengis 1pip Common
Kasim 2pip Super Rare
Alkan 3pip Rare
Gajah Madah 4pip Legend

Claw Crush
Pacorus 1pip Rare
Aka 2pip Rare
Doongara 3pip Legend
Seni 4pip Legend

Balash 1pip Super Rare
Erika 2pip Super Rare
Ping 3pip Legend
Grim 4pip Super Rare

Fore Storm
Boris 2pip Rare
Hector 3pip Legend
Gwen 4pip Legend

Ice Storm
Leon 1pip Rare
Cutbert 2pip Super Rare
Joan 3pip Legend
Abolin 4pip Legend

Boulder Bash
Osgood 1pip Common
Ironhart 2pip Super Rare
Zuu 3pip Rare
Mudd 3pip Legend
Khutulun 4pip Legend

Thunder Strike
Yada 1pip Common
Lance 1pip Rare
Naro 3pip Rare
Leroc 3pip Common
Shoka 3pip Legend

Kendrix 2pip Common
Unk 2pip Super Rare
Gunnar 3pip Common
Kirk 3pip Special
Boarhammer 3pip Legend
Mungo 4pip Legend

Wang 1pip Rare
Kalaban 1pip Special
Snorshank 1pip Legend
Ten Bears 2pip Super Rare
Ragnar 3pip Legend
Yiho 4pip Legend

Rolling Thunder
Akbar 1pip Common
Zafir 2pip Rare
Achaly 3pip Legend
Karrion 3pip Special
Zenobia 4pip Legend
Klik-Klak 4pip Legend

Team Strike
Ardo 1pip Rare
Dao 2pip Legend
Furio 3pip Super Rare
Helios 4pip Legend

Stealth Strike
Hua 1pip Super Rare
Kazumi 2pip Super Rare
Wulf 3pip Legend
Kuro 4pip Legend

Stealth Assult
Botheric 1pip Rare
Benkai 2pip Legend
Kido 3pip Legend

Bikili 1pip Rare
Waaza 2pip Super Rare
Kashta 3pip Legend

Counter Blow
Ying 1pip
Attalia 2pip Super Rare
Master Fu 2pip Special
Flavia 3pip Super Rare
Makito 4pip Legend

Shock Storm
Osric 1pip Super Rare
Arpad 3pip Legend

Armour Break
Gunther 2pip Rare
Kanar 2pip Super Rare
Gonzalo 2pip Super Rare
Maccabe 2pip Legend

Poison Arrows
Ram 1pip Common
Soaring eagle 2pip Super Rare
Zuma 3pip Legend
Amina 4pip Legend

Stun Strike
Balkar 1pip Rare
Ba Trieu 2pip Legend
Krimpus 3pip Rare
Covrus 4pip Legend

Phantom Sheild
Zazan 2pip Common
Breth 2pip Super Rare
Agoolik 2pip Legend
Sama 2pip Legend

Poison Dart
Titu 1pip Rare
Kukan 2pip Super Rare
Kibi 3pip Legend
Cham 4pip Legend

Poison Hive
Kofi 1pip Legend
Tharu 2pip Rare
Agrippa 3pip Legend
Isak 4pip Super Rare

Everad 1pip Rare
Clovis 2pip Common
Amadok 3pip Rare
Bibi 4pip Legend

Soul Steal
Otto 1pip Rare
Brutus 2pip Common
Jacko 2pip Rare
Vlad 3pip Legend
Juba 4pip Legend

Phantom Strike
Jin 1pip Rare
Zakuma 2pip Common
Ramraider 2pip Legend
Ivan 3pip Rare
Amanar 4pip Legend

Hannibal 1pip Rare
Pelion 2pip Super Rare
Wallance 3pip Legend
Rodrigo 4pip Legend

Double Strike
Etherald 1pip Rare
Mani 2pip Super Rare

Malik 1pip Rare
Blaine 2pip Common
Wu 4pip Legend
Belthrax 4pip Special
Dark Dirk 4pip Legend

Shaka 1pip Rare
Alohi 2pip Super Rare
Huneric 3pip Legend
Orenda 4pip Legend
Orlander 4pip Special

Switch Strike
Crokett 1pip Legend
Ravi 2pip Super Rare
Boudca 3pip Super Rare
Gate Keeper 3pip Special
Zahara 4pip Legend

Combo Rush
Hong 1pip Legend
Tamerlane 2pip Legend
Ali 3pip Super Rare
Leonidas 3pip Special

Earth Boost
Spurius 2pip Legend
Badda 2pip Legend

Fire boost
Mohinder 2pip Super Rare
Tiberius 2pip Legend

Water Boost
Simo 2pip Super Rare
Kwan 2pip Super Rare
Manawa 2pip Legend

Air Boost
Crixus 2pip Rare
Labashi 2pip Super Rare
Utu 2pip Legend
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