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Some random suggestions

- To spend a bit more Gold you could make an exchange system, there I would have multiple ideas:
- a stable price like 1:500, 1:1000, 1:5000 for :Gold
- an increasing price (35 days cooldown as the loginreward) starting from something affordable for newer players but rising so that older players maybe get 1-2 Wildstones gifted each month but the rest they feel in their pockets.
- 2 Options again for stressless crafting
- save the position of the last crafted item so when you open the menu again you dont have to scroll all the way to the left if you want to craft exp-bottles
- to skip the process completly let people type in the amount they want to craft
- When the internetconnection fails when you want to open one of the warriorsdoors (specially the Eastern one for honor) dont kick people into the mainmenu
- dont show me !'s when i got stuff i could upgrade a warrior or craft something, I always have something I could theoratically craft or upgrade but I dont want to waste the mats on, you dont have to remind me 24/7 that there is something, same with equipable/usable stuff, this constant ! ! !'s are mor annoying than helping.
  • and can somebody plaese explain how to make a post with pictures in it ..... how to get the picture in there i dont have an url of them
  • Very fitting here but i dont think thats possible. just upload your pic somewhere and its fine
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