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edited June 2016 in Game Chat
The new minion, Klor, will have NO ELEMENTAL. His physical would have to be great - you'd imagine, but it's only 286 (at 34) which isn't really impressive... Anyway the source of info can be found on the World of Warriors pastebin. Here's a link to that...
  • To those who don't know:
    Klor is a 2p Stealth Assault with the skill path: Critical Hit, Retribution. You would expect him to therefore be effective like Benkei - but clearly not. With no elemental what so ever - Hunter could never be a path for him. If he were common, MC would probs feel sorry for the newbies who put him on Hunter (!) At level 34, he has 1323 health which (don't get me wrong) is great - but with strictly no elemental just doesn't compensate. What r ur opinions guys!?
  • He's the first warrior with no elemental at all he might be a worst version of Benkei for all we know but I'd still give it a shot and try to get him to test him if he's absolute garbage then a 30 greenstones would be more useful
  • @Boy123 sounds like a terrible version of Benkei - who is a great warrior. He even has Hunter which is a unique path, building on that (approx.) 80 elemental he has (at 34). But Klor will just be like a nasty surprise
    Kybosh (the 2p bombard minion) is going to have more health, physical attack and elemental than ANY other bombardier currently in the game. Here is his level 34 comparison with Rodrigo:
    Physical: 252 210
    Elemental: 84 70
    HP: 1312 735
  • Kybosh - 252 - 84 - 1312
    Rodrig. - 210 - 70 - 635
  • Kybosh might have more hit point, but he had light armor, and had Guard/SS. So, Hannibal still beat him as he had heavy HP (and if configured to Shell, even more).
    Comparing to Rodrigo, he is of course more durable, but SM-wise, Level 44 Rodrigo do about 1600, compared to Kybosh about 1000. (which si about the same as Pelion). IN fact, if you compared the bombarder, Kybosh is more similar to Pelion than Rodrigo...

    At level 44, Klor will do about 1460 physical (benkei is about 1135 + 378 elemental). So, depending on if your opponents had heavy armor or not. With crit-retri, you might have him as leader (+10% is decent), once it reach retri, then take him back and SM. Since he is physical base, may also work well with ARmor breaker.
  • But the time u face a Keelok Klor will b isolated...
  • Kybosh = more durable version of Rodrigo.
  • Sorry @Platinum, however this news is simply a scan away and therefore is not urgent, so please do not go postulating posting a discussion on "KLOR ELEMENTAL LACK" for a viral sense of fame because in all honesty nobody really cares.
    Have a nice day,
    The Gatekeeper
  • Pointless discussions, might as well be spam lol
  • @Platinum
    Your logic of Kybosh = More durable version of Rodrigo can apply to ALL 1/2 pip warrior who had more health, but less damaging SM. Simply not true.
    Rodrigo SM is a lot better than Kybosh.
  • @war4yu Kybosh has more health; he has the neutral affinity, making up for his light armor - since no element does overwhelm him, that is why I stated he was more durable. He's also going to have BG which is going to help him survive if he gets depleted by a fire hard-hitter like Anil or Ali. Alas, he is more durable has a *decent* SM and isn't going to die very quickly.
  • I gave the *fire* hard hitters as an example.
  • @rak there will always b news!!!
  • edited June 2016
    A few things. Elemental neutral does not mean he got no elemental damage. It just mean he will not have any any elemental multiplier effect on him. For normal warrior, if you are against strong element, they have 1.7x more elemental damage, and 0.3 vs weaker, and 1.0 vs neutral element. For him, He will still take all elemental damage at 1.0x.. So, good and bad average out... Also, that also mean you have no elemental superiority against your opponents as well...

    Also, BG does not help him survive. BG is a skill that help OTHER warrior survive. In fact, BG make his health "less" as when other warrior is saved, he is the one taking "some" damage instead.
  • we yall knew that already...
  • @benisforawesome yup we sure knew dis already. @war4yu Yea BG helps other warriors survive - so if that warrior has healing attributes than you can maximise the survivability of Kybosh.
  • I think Kybosh is a replacement of Pelion instead.
    I like this list.Quite many minions are powerful while I think Slice is the worst minion.
    Her SM is 1 pip Healing.Leech has 4 pip,Dark Dirk has 4 pip regenarion too.
  • I feel bad to whoever is going for slice
  • edited June 2016
    I'll have a Slice @Boy123.
  • edited June 2016
    How did you get slice @minh_74
  • I bought some cake and brought out the knives. That's how @souleader127.
  • Makes sense
  • @minh_74 @Rebalkiller @Boy123 I have Slice at 44 and she compensates for the 1pip healing w/ good health, phys and elemental. Also paired w/ a BG warrior her retri is easily activated and she can do a pretty solid heal or attack before she's taken out. If I put her to god mode I'll probs replace her skills for recharge though
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