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Fan Favorite Vote: Bà Trieu, Joan, or Kashta?

  • @RKStar Can the next Arena season be Wurmslime or Leech, and the fan favourites be: McCabe, Arpad or Viriathus. +1 me if you agree.
  • Forget about Arpad - they haven't even released him in the DoE. But don't be sad - yes, a great historical Hungarian hero but his 2pip Shock Storm really s*** balls. How many Arpads have you faced in the Arena?
  • @RKStar Can we politely ask for compensation due to false "no cooldown" event. The event is still ON. 4 EOG will do. Thanks in advance.
  • @Platinum: elemental power is unreliable with Stun Strikers as you would either knocking an elementally weaker warrior out of the arena to face an elementally neutral or stronger warrior OR knocking out an elementally neutral or stronger warrior to pull in an elementally weaker warrior. Either way, 1 of 2 attacks will not make full use of the Stun Striker's elemental power. Being elementally neutral, Corvus can more fully use his Stun Strike than any other Stun Striker.
  • @minh_74 But against any element, Krimpus is going to devastate and overwhelm. His SM does more damage than Corvus, drastically.
  • @Platinum Krimpus obtains excessive attack due to his light armor, limited survivability and minimal health points; as @minh_74 rightly stated Krimpus could switch off a Lance, and switch on a Viriathus, which would insta-kill him.
  • In the arena Krimpus is more devastating. There is no question about this @platinum. But outside the arena, where even Krimpus' SM isn't an instant KO blow, Corvus' more reliable SM and higher durability makes him the more effective of the two IMO.
  • Well .... To me @minh indeed krimpus is a beast in the arena and out of all stun striker he is the best I was fighting him in the arena and he stun me and it did over 16 hundred damage I was like wow. .
  • I vote for Joan.
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