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Fan Favorite Vote: Bà Trieu, Joan, or Kashta?

  • @cajn I hoping for McCabe or UTU
  • @Boy123 Plus new minion, I hope it's Klor, Sneek, or Murdina.
  • @cajn since we had a special warrior this WD season it's probably gonna be a new minion tomorrow
  • If the offer is on then definitely I'll go for Ba Trieu
  • Just happy it wasn't Kashta...
  • I bet they'll still be the NO JUGSevent for Ba Trieu
  • @Platinum only way to find out is to wait until the season starts plus it's not gonna be an issue because a lot of people have her or prefer krimpus over her
  • Ik I'm gonna grind (of course not hard). The cut-off should be about 20k - 30k, so nt scary. Plus new legendary so hoping MC don't take it off lol!
  • (We know Krimps is better but anyway here's an analysis)
  • Krimpus and Ba Trieu are both effective Stun Strikers, Krimpus arguably better since his is a level higher in the SM. I am presenting an analysis to find the omnicompetent Stun Striker.

    At level 34, Krimpus obtains 215 physical, a reasonably standard amount of damage. Ba Trieu does 250 physical, beating and thus overwhelming Krimpus. This is an interesting surprise, due to the fact that Krimpus does effectively trounce the enemies he faces, appearing to do a superior SM than Ba Trieu. Stun Strike is a primarily physical attack but does contain some...

    Krimpus has 143 elemental damage at level 34; Ba Trieu has less in this scenario - with only 107. These are both great for Stun Strike (when Balkar was originally introduced he had only 94) but in this case, Krimpus wins unanimously - beating Corvus by a bit as well.
    When elementally aligned, Krimpus' NM will inflict more damage than Ba Trieu's, alas making Hunter a satisfactory secondary skill following Critical Hit.

    HP generally is not able to be disputed - Ba Trieu has just under 200 more health than Krimpus at Level 34 and has medium armour. Krimpus has 840 Health Points and has Light armour, making Ba Trieu a much more durable option than the seasonal minion. Krimpus' HP multiplier is around 0.8, whilst Ba Trieu's lies at 0.97, thus allowing the Vietnamese warrior to maintain her durability throughout her journey to lvl 44.

    When comparing overall damage several factors act upon the gut-wrenching decision. You need to take the damage multiplier and the attributes I have listed and analysed previously. There is a very acute amount (exactly 0.0025) which separates the duo. With 0.0025 more in the damage multiplier, Krimpus' is 1.069, whilst Ba Trieu's is 1.0665. Also, Krimpus is a 3-pip Stun Strike - succeeding Ba Trieu who is only 2-pip (but the level of the SM cannot be used to determine the better warrior, since Krimpus is more powerful than Corvus (the 4p Stun Strike). Ba Trieu does make up for her Elemental attributes, with her skill path of Critical Hit, Retribution. The skill path allows her to execute the dreaded Stun Strike at 25% health, boosting both elemental and physical damage.

    If you are looking for a durable and less material consuming Stun Strike, perhaps Ba rieu is worth the grind since (hopefully for many) the "No Jugs" event is still live. On the other hand, if you prefer an powerful, balanced (but sadly not as durable) warrior, then you can pass this Arena Season. If you already have Ba Trieu from her first appearance in the Arena (or from the DoE) experiment with them and depict your preference
  • Is this intended to be a balanced argument, as you are providing not fully reliable statistics and do not give your overall view of the two warriors
  • Just saying if you thought you'd get the banner with this think again lol
  • Do you really expect someone to sit and read this?
  • @Gatekeeper my stats r from the pastebin, which you can find on this
  • For Ba Trieu find the Pastebin with only Warriors
  • I don't have all three so its fine with me. I prefer the AoE skilled heroes but since fire is my weakest element, Ba Trieu is a great prize.
  • You know I actually changed my mind when I wrote the analysis
  • @Gatekeeper I'm serious, I think she is a useful hero..
  • @Buconatics me too. She's probs what I need in my book - a fire legend that I can boost with my Tibe...
  • @Platinum well, I don't have boosters so I still don't know what to do if I get her.
  • Hmm... @Buconatics well her leadership skill is +30% fire to all warriors - so if you have any fire warriors she can boost them?
  • @Platinum both Volten and Bludbeard have the same LS so if I add her and equip the other 2 with promotion, then wow..
  • Yup 90% fire damage coming your way!
  • none
  • Thanks for voting!

  • When will the next season come?
  • It begun but it won't let me enter for some reason
  • Checking out me Shokka
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