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Fan Favorite Vote: Bà Trieu, Joan, or Kashta?

edited May 2016 in Announcements
Who do you want to be this week’s Arena prize - Bà Trieu, Joan, or Kashta? Cast your vote here:

  • you guys have bots or something? cause really ba trieu? much rather get kashta instead.
  • Vote Joan pleeeeeaaaseee
  • edited May 2016
    Joan or kashta, please not ba trieu
  • edited May 2016
    Ba trieu!
  • i think some people are mistaking ba trieu for gwen. they look similar. as long as it's not joan, im cool.
  • To all .... We haven't have a water warriors in week please vote for Joan please guys
  • AOE BG, why not?? Voted Joan!
  • Guys stop voting ba trieu please. Think about it, we all got krimpus!!! Wont even start about Corvus. Please vote joan or kashta, both really good. And please make this poll thing in game wow related because i was able to vote 12 times for joan. It seems like someone else has nothing to do tonight and is voting for ba trieu.
  • @Knightmare22 you think those are even real people or just AIs voting?
  • If Ba Trieu won this poll, I hope they'll put Joan in WD. Plus Khutulun from Kido's poll. Joan & Khutulun aren't WD warriors yet...
  • No.. i dont believe this are real people voting...with a couple simple hacks you can easily corrupt this poll @alan
  • edited June 2016
    Either one is good for me, but i prefer Kashta!
  • I voted for Ba Triệu.
    She's a good warrior, just a little tricky to use.
  • I don't have ba trieu but I wouldn't be sad if she didn't win cause I have krimpus and balkar and Corvus...but anyway I hope she wins
  • 1.Joan
    Ba tríeu is is not worth it everyone already has krimpus or corvus balkar is in the tower and he isnt half bad
  • I am tired of gettting only fire and earth and air warriors from the a ten come on guy we need some water warriors as well you know ..... Be smart Joan
  • I wish like when you reach at rank .... They give you the option to pick either 3 warriors instead of one
  • edited June 2016
    I don't have Bà Triệu and Joan. I vote for Joan but Bà Triệu is ok with me. I want to have Bà Triệu because I come from her country. Đạo & Bà Triệu is Vietnam heros.
  • @chuongwebb lol represent
  • Really? Bà Triêu? Go team Kashta!
  • Ba trieu is winning by almost 200 votes apparently a lot of people don't have her
  • But I'm sure she will not win by the end
  • edited June 2016
    @alan haha, some players like me, playing because their country's heroes in game. In English, our name don't have symbols like ' ` ^.... So i type fully in Vietnamese like you see.
  • I don't need another Krimpus god **** it. Give me AOE like Joan!
  • @chuongwebb I am curious which hero of Vietnam do you respect the most?
  • @alan Like other countries, we have heroes in our history (ancient and modern). Ho Chi Minh is knew as a hero in bring the independence for my country. I was born in peace so i respect him so much.
  • Bà Trieu WON!

    Bà Trieu 770 43%
    Joan 553 31%
    Kashta 472 26%
  • Well I'm going for her I don't have her yet
  • Looks like I don't have to grind too hard
  • Hoping for Joan & Khutulun on tomorrow's WD reset!
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