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World of Warriors for PS4

edited May 2016 in Announcements
Let battle commence… on Sony PlayStation4. World of Warriors for PS4 launches in October 2016! Check out the trailer now, and watch this space for more World of Warriors PS4 updates coming soon! ⚔

  • I'm speechless....
  • Ah.. so completely different gameplay...
  • So they werent lying, its actually happening
  • i dont play console, but at the least it's positive news that WoW is kicking and fighting. good to see, i really enjoy playing this game.
  • I, I, LOVE THIS! Sadly, I don't have a PlayStation. You guys should try adding this game onto computers. :)
  • Looks sick
    I would get ps4 just for this lol
  • edited May 2016
    I also love this! I do have a PS4, but it's not available in the US :(
    @RKStar When will the PS4 version of WoW be available in the US gaming market?
  • Will there be voice acting
  • What should i choose ?
    World of warriors Ps4 or Final Fantasy 15 ?

  • How about both @chimiste?
  • This is so epic, it reminds me of crash Bash game from ps1, good job mind candy
  • Oh,that is...Good
  • This is still a thing? Wow, wasn't expecting that. Bravo Fracture, or MC. Whatever you go by now.
  • Man I wish this can be downloadable for the pc
  • An awesome virtual experience!
  • Yes...about 4th on my list now! It's really gonna be something else...
  • Just reached 70.9k on the Shokka season lol...
  • Wow. Pretty sweet. Haven't played in awhile. A lot different game play. I wonder if they will have a "classic" game play mode?
  • edited June 2016
    For the love of anything pure, please don't make this a PS4 exclusive Fracture/MC. I don't know if you all have already made a contract or something with Sony to make it an exclusive (which means Sony might expect this to make mobile and Xbox players want to buy a PS4 to play this game, which of course brings in more income that Fracture/MC need) but please, if it's not too late, don't make it a Sony exclusive. Although this little plea would most likely be ignored and have no effect, I thought it was still worth a shot.
  • Oh wow. It will be awesome to have more dupe doors and to spend a load more money looking for Tibs again!

    Wait, what am I saying, that would be insane!

    If I were MC / Fracture, I would have spent the effort developing the mobile title rather than let it fall on its face...
  • @RiveraL I'm scared that Wildstones will be hard to come by and u would have to pay the ridiculous mobile paywall to get more :-1:
  • If they follow the same model, it will be a big fail.

    They probably need to completely change how players get warriors because that mechanic is what broke the mobile game. We see that now...the active players dont have lots of warriors...this is why when they made the arena effectively free, the cut off was higher than we've ever seen, even at the peak.

    This tells me that the vets dont bother playing anymore and when they do, they just do enough to get the reward they want.

    Newer and more active players dont have large rosters (because if they did, the cut off would be higher)

    And ultimately, if they pass this into the PS4 title, players will never really get invested and the game will flop...the only reason i still log in from time to time is that i have a large collection of warriors resulting from a large amount of investment...I would not be prepared to do that again knowing what i know now and as we see, new players are also not bothering to all round its bad news for the company unless they switch something up.
  • I'm surprised... So they haven't completely abandoned the game.
  • My guess is that they sold the rights / franchised the title...I dont expect they are developing this with their own funds...

    They are letting the mobile title drift which makes me think they have other priorities...
  • If it's possible can you keep the history theme going and make it more adult like
  • PS4...I think I just got one.But I already have a lot of fun playing on my i-pad.
  • What about people like me who use Xbox
  • Hey you know, I just realized why Mind Candy hasn't said anything in a while. This game is coming out soon!
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