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Fan Favorite Poll: Agrippa, Mungo, or Kuro?

  • No prize warrior in Tower of Trial, thus 2 prize warrior at the arena is justifiable... Hahaha JK :)
  • probably technically hard to pull off to let people pick after the season. I would also have been very happy to finally get kuro but i got him last week from the 3rd sword... Agrippa is also high on my list though and i think less people have him? I guess we get kuro and i have week off. Maybe longer if i dont find the drive to compete again.
  • Mccabe next ff please
  • @Knightmare22 crossing fingers? Minion is next however, so
  • edited May 2016
    Yeah i know , hopefully a good minion! but the next ff MCCABE pleassseee :) @chessplays
  • Please let the next arena prize be Joan plzzzzz I need some extra water warriors
  • I would choose McCabe immediately
  • I vote Agrippa
  • McCabe please,
  • McCabe is nice I have him .. But Krimpus is the best glass cannon
  • Only warrior I hunger for is a bombard like Wallace ..
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