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Fan Favorite Poll: Agrippa, Mungo, or Kuro?

It’s time to vote for your favorite Warrior! Who do you want to be this week’s Arena prize: Agrippa, Mungo, or Kuro? Click the link to vote:

  • Why is kuro leading, i saw too many players with kuro why still him?
  • Yeah man.. its a real pity.
  • For the life of me, can one of the mods please respond to my thread?
  • vote for agrippa
  • Vote Agrippa
    Kuro just no
  • @MJM0708 i responded to your thread, check it out.
  • **** why?
  • voted agrippa... all vets please vote for agrippa...
  • voted Agrippa. Too bad it won't be the high voice version (but which of the 4 versions will he be this time?)
  • Yeah if so I hope neutralize
  • Agrippa
  • how many vote can be done by one account/player? i keep voting agrippa, sometimes it's recorded, sometimes it won't.
  • is that right? 1500 votes. wow, guess lots of demand for kuro. agrippa will have to wait.
  • Looks like not many people have the luck to pull a Kuro. :P I'm, um one of those people, but don't, like really care, so, um yeah. :3 Sorry for my lazy typing.
  • I vote to remove the old announcements from the front page of the forum @RKStar.

    I voted Agrippa because I miss his high pitched laugh.
  • I don't have Kuro and Agrippa. I can see Kuro everywhere in arena. I never had a Kuro from pulling epic door, western door, even arena prize, so i think i'm not lucky like @Golnaz_Electric said.
    After 2 years playing this game, i can win arena prize from the Crocket season, now i vote for Agrippa because i saw the prize warriors list, but Kuro, i'm still ok.
    If you had Kuro, just think about me, a noob and unlucky to have him hahaha.
  • Finally!!! Please vote Kuro - Been searching for him for ages. One of my final warriors needed. Good times - Kuro
  • kuro please
  • Once again no Badda or McCabe great -_-
  • @RKStar please make a poll where everyone can only vote once. Here it is whoever spams the most wins...
  • @Boy123
    McCabe has been a key character in 'witness/warrior protection program' - never been FF, never appeared in the WD.
  • McCabe would be most welcomed next....
  • agrippa voted
  • I also feel bad for the players who don't have Agrippa he is rare to get and only appeared once in arena along time ago
  • Y is Kuro winning 1/2 of 1000+ votes have gone on him! So jarring - everyone vote Agrippa
  • Nope here r the current stats:
    Mungo - 774 (22.7%)
    Agrippa - 969 (28.5%)
    Kuro - 1,660 (48.8%) WHY, OH WHY!?
  • From what I've experienced Agrippa hasn't really been anything super special for me. A weaker Isak poison and a average meat shield.(I got 2 of him :( from DoE). @Boy123 @Platinum

    I would love to get Kuro though. This might be a long shot but if anyone just wants to get rank 1 and not push for top 999 I'd appreciate it lol :smile: if not that's cool too.

    Gl all
  • edited May 2016
    How about having 2 arena prize warriors. Not just the 50% voters who will be happy grinding for Kuro, instead 80% voters (plus 30% who voted Agrippa) will be encouraged to compete... And a chance for MC/Fractures to divert from the norm (just one arena warrior). @RKStar
  • Why don't they put up two or three arena prizes up and then we can pick which warrior to fight for cause this su cks
  • Karamel not a bad idea they should pick these three warriors in the arena and every player get to decide who they are going for so that way 2997 people get what they want
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