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Actually make Legendaries more... legendary

So one of the best examples of this in the game is with Wang, Snorshank and Kalaban. You've got a rare, legendary and special character - all with a 1 pip revenge SM. You'd think that the pecking order of power would be Wang at the bottom (because he's just rare), then Snorshank and Kalaban. But the stat cards reveal the best of the three is actually Wang? why? Why is a rare warrior better than a legendary and a special?

I'm NOT saying that the legendaries need to be SOOO much better that it creates a gross game imbalance; and on the whole, i'd say that the game does give the legendaries a slight and appropriate advantage. But it is when there's a scenario like this that you just have to scratch your head and say, what's the motivation in going for the legendaries and specials if you can do better w/ a rare warrior in your roster?

I definitely think that the Special characters, however, should really stand out. You've got only a couple of the specials who stand out as being truly special above their similar counterparts: Leonidas, Orlander, Gatekeeper and maybe Kirk. the rest, like Kalaban or Karrion who are inferior to their counterparts just aren't worth the grind or money to go for. Seriously, they need a buff in the next update.
  • i thought karrion is good. :(
  • Not everything can be op, everyone has their uses.
  • I don't think GateKeeper stand out.. Karrion is pretty good though, although not really standing out. his look is pretty good though.
    Snorshank is a shame.
  • yes, @benisforawesome, @war4yu Karrion is actually good. but compared to Anchaly, his stats are inferior (but they are both good). My logic process is just that Specials should be more special or at least equal or unique in some way. Master Fu is probably a good example of this. As a 2 pip counter blow, compared to Atilla, Atilla's overall stats come out on top. But Master Fu is so elementally specialized that it doesn't bother me as much. Use him w/ the elemental advantage and he can stand out. But i think i'd still be in favor of a slight buff to him.

    and to @chessplays point, i don't think they all need to be Leonidas level OP... but a special should at least come out equal to rather than inferior to less "special" characters. Gatekeeper is a good example - She's better than her 3 pip switch strike counterpart, Boudica. But not so much so that it is off balance. That's a good example of where some of them could be after another game update. Buffed enough that you don't feel ripped off when you grind for a less special special.
  • Just because its more rare or even special it doesnt have to neccessarily mean its more op. If you make it like that you say "Money or Life" in the end. if you would scale the warriors purely after their rarity and you start with the game lets say you are at level 30 with your highest warriors and you wanna compete in tower somehow, you would be absoulutely screwed if you had only common/rare and maybe 2-3 superrare warriors.
  • and can somebody plaese explain how to make a post with pictures in it ..... how to get the picture in there i dont have an url of them
  • The "rating" of a warrior has nothing to do with their abilities- only how hard it is to obtain them. So what's the incentive to get a legendary warrior? Variety.
    I find that legendary warriors are geared towards the arena. In other parts of the game, I find that rares and common warriors are more effective.
  • All the warriors have different purpose, in the tower, arena & map. When you get the ones you need, you`ll progress fast. In the tower, you need to have a couple specific warriors with different abilities to use them in different situations & to beat the cunning tower guards!

    On the map, is where it gets strategic....tons of different team combinations are required to get pass some certain levels. Whenever you need healer squad, booster squad, team of tanks, heavy single target strikers, or the ones that damages the opposition at once, poisoners or anti-poison team, there is a place for everything through the map.

    Of course, it gets harder the more you push through the map & before every battle you have to be wise & think twice before assembling your team & hope it`s the winning one!
  • Nobody wants to buy a BMW or Mercedes if it has a Fiat engine and no luxury features. If i'm going to work hard to buy a more expensive car, I want to "get my money's worth." The same should be true of these characters. They are more expensive and more difficult to get - one shouldn't feel like the just got the Fiat of Legendaries when they finally take them out for a test drive.
  • @apollos712, after a certain point, all ratchet set are pretty much alike.
    These warriors compare better to a tool kit than they do a car garage. The right tool makes the job easier and legendary warriors are more specialized tools. That said, a bad mallet is more useful as a hammer than the best screwdriver in the world.
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