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Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some suggestions.

A while back I stopped at lvl10 and did not progress(to do tower). But now with arena as well I was wondering if I'd be better to start pushing levels(do the opponents I face change by what level I am?)? What do you guys suggest I do? Is level 23 a good place to stop? Or would you consider I keep pushing with the campaign?

I have warriors like agoolik,spurius,boudica,kasim,hannibal nothing else super special. These would be the ones I think I'd focus on leveling first(others maybe wait for portal).

And I don't have any friends that play/send me stones, so if anyone would like to help me out in that department let me know :)

Thanks so much for reading this!!!!!
  • It's okay to level up actually. Just make sure your main team is all the same level and you should not have any problem with tower. Level doesn't matter that much for arena because your Lvl 10 warriors won't be fighting Lvl 20 warriors. Even if that happens, you can skip until you find an opponent you are confident of beating
  • 'Level doesn't matter that much for arena' except one thing - if your core team is, for example - at the level of 34 you will frequently meet warrior at lev 35/36 what means they all going to have the third skill (bodyguards, overkillers and so on). The third (or the second) skill of your opponents can make your battles difficult.
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    If you don't have a lot of warriors, then consider level all of them up about the same time. For low level, it really don't take that long and materials are not that hard to come by for lower levels. You should at least get past 11 as then you get the 1st skill which helps a lot. Shell and Critical and even Guard are useful 1st skill.
  • Level a group of 20 warriors at a time (5 of each element split between high physical and high elemental warriors) to a level above the upgrade level (17, 23, or 29).
  • Right now my decent warriors around level 15 are:
    Note:(*warriors*) are lower levels

    -Le Roc
    -(Otto, Toki, Kendrix)

    Water(really only 2 currently leveled):
    -Agoolik(got him the first time he was in the tower)
    -(Also have Ram, Alkan, Zengis,Malik, Clovis and Yada)

    Fire(5 maybe more):
    -(Ivan, Ying, Zazan, Brutus)

    -Agrippa(I'm having a tough time using him in team comps, where do you think he'd be best?)
    -(Lance, Zuu(I like Zafir better as an AOE), Flavia, Amadok, Jin, Blaine, Osgood)

    Would you guys be able to kindly pick ones you think I should level up? It feels Like a lot which would take a while to get them all leveled. Should I focus on some and then catch others up with xp potions? While progressing through the story to level up my main group?

    Any help would be really appreciated guys :) @rak @AllDay2K @minh_74 @chuongwebb @war4yu @chessplays @23Timmy23 @TheTMan

  • @Gooboo ok first take your favorites, then for me
    Sakuma highly recommend crit hunter path for Poison edge above 34

    Zengis maybe yada


    Maybe flavia or amadok
    Agrippa is most effective in arena best with a water tank like yada or clovis but i would take isak and leave agrippa behind for now
    Basically you need a good mix of phy and elemental hitters some Tanks and your good for campaign portal etc......
    Aoe is king in this game so all other then 1 pips are a must imo to take up with you

  • I agree with whatever @rak said, except that I don't think amadok or flavia are that important to level up. In the debate between zengis and Yada, I would take zengis as Yada does nothing but absorb damage.
  • Air: grim, Amina and crixus. all should go SS path.
    Fire: all are good, Volten with neutralize is awesome. Isak is priority.
    Water: Alkan (SS) and Clovis (SS)
    Earth : spurious and zuu as pair. Agrippa is pretty good as leader. Gunnar and Amadok (SS)

    As you can see, I am big fan of SS.. You can thank me later
  • Air: Crixus + Grim, Amina
    Water: Alkan, Zengis (hunter:for elemental damage), Clovis
    Fire: Volten, Isak/Zuma(Zuma is still good like Amina), Abu (for elemental damage)/Ivan (for 25% physical damage).
    Earth: Spuris + Zuu, Agrippa, Flavia/Gunnar

    My choice is trainning all for portal, tower and beating arena with talismans.
  • I recommend auto for volten ........ Had him with him with neutri. Over 34 before.
    just brought him over again last week with recharge!
    And in my humble opinion he beats anti by far!
    But both paths work @Gooboo

    @TheTMan yeah your right about flavia just added her cuz of counterstrike.........
  • I guess depends on how yo use Volten @rak.
    With Anti, he don't get one-shot by Gaja or water AOE easily. For me, I use him as sniper so as long as he stand to kill the earth warrior, i am happy.
    With Auto, he have a chance to perform 2-3 SM, but at the risk of being 1-shot or died without auto trigger with high water element warrior, especially AOE (Joan/Alboin etc).
    At the end, Volten is a really good warrior.
  • Yeah volten is awesome of course he is great with neutri.....
    But im very happy i changed him to recharge....... I know the recharge effect is not very high but its awesome to have him lead then hide him , gather mana with a tank then bring volten back on super allmost at full health. I also changed his path cuz of his leader skill
  • @Gooboo Bring Aggripa with, he's great with a +10 or 25 physical leader. Sakuma has poor elemental so I don't know how helpful hunter will be(until you get to level 35, which will take a crazy long time and there are much better air warriors to take over 35)
    -Grim SS
    -Crixus(critical since his damage is so low)
    -Le Roc (Anti)

    -Kasim( Spirit)
    -Agoolik(Hes OK, but one of your few legendary)
    -Alkan I went Antidote with makes sense due to his low health and high hit/elemental but there are a lot of other great water antidote.
    -I hear others say yada is great but i never needed to bring him up.

    -Volten Anti
    -Isak (lots of really good antidote fire warriors. wish i went regen)
    -Ivan great leader if you don't have anchaly

    -Agrippa(see above)
    -Zuu(not many antidote earth so he makes a pretty solid and rare anti AOE)
    -Flavia, Amadok(both pretty solid)
  • @rak @TheTMan @war4yu @chuongwebb @BFM

    Thank you guys so much, this is exactly what I needed. Taking each of my warriors all up at once is too much to handle and I'd lose interest. But focusing on these will make it easier/more fun

    -Crixus(S/Anit/N picked shell so cant go G/SS/BG)
    (Sakuma next, Probably Poison edge)

    *Also hoping to snag kuro this season*

    -AgooLik(C/Ret/OK already chosen)
    -Alkan(Not sure C/Ret or G/SS/BG)
    (Clovis cause of your suggestions G/SS/BG)

    -Isak(S/Anti/Neut is Auto potion less effective becasue of isak's squishyness and small health pool?)
    -Volten (S/Anti/Neut maybe auto)
    -Abu(Currently Crit should I try to re-roll for Shell auto? or something else?)
    (Ivan good damage so C/Ret/OK > G/SS/BG? What you guys think?)

    -Gunnar(Currently Crit, Think I should switch?)
  • I have ivan on bg its a good path either bg or shell path!
    Gunnar is great with crit path but for me since kirk has that path i suggest a shell or bg path!
    Zengis since he is common i would sac him for a shell auto path becomes a real tank that way
    Clovis is awesome bg same goes for amadok!
  • @Gooboo don't put Ivan on crit-retri. He would hardly get a chance to use his retri. Put him down G-SS or shell-auto (there was once a big debate on this path).
  • Shell anti for volten. Need neutralize for him.
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    @Gooboo a lot of what has been said I completely agree with. You have a lot of good options and help. Just to weigh in with my opinion...

    Isak (I prefer auto for recharge later but either path works)
    Volten (antidote for Nuetralize)
    Boudica (ret) OR Ivan (SS)

    Grim (SS is perfect)
    Crixus (shell anti is a good 2nd route since you can't go SS)
    Kuro (Highly recommend getting him. Do whatever you need to as he will help a lot to get future prizes)

    Gunnar (ret)
    Zuu (SS or Ret... Ironhart is the anti Boulder dash you want, IMO)
    Agrippa OR Amadok (SS and only if you like the healer playstyle)

    Agoolik (for now)
    Alkan (SS)
    Clovis (SS)
    Zengis (auto to make him tanky and versatile)

    I'd really try and focus on a max of 4 of each element... At least initially. This will let you push forward faster and allow you to get a good feel of what type of warriors and playstyles you enjoy. Then after a bit you can adjust who you want to take up if something isn't working and/or once you start getting more elite warriors. With who you have right now, besides water you're in really good shape. Shame you missed Gunther from tower as he is elite but I'm sure you will get better options soon. Hope this helps!
  • Bring up whoever you have the most fun with.
    I'm nearing a full book with about 1/2 of my warriors at 35 and the other half at 34. I started at the beginning of this game, so it has taken a long time to get here. That said, it is quite satisfying. I took groups of 20 at a time to level 34. My second set onwards was based purely on teams I made for the arena using the "left over warriors". This taught me that all warriors are decent if you can find the right play style for them. It would be boring if every team had the same play style. That would just lead to grinding @gooboo. Grinding is to be avoided at all cost IMO.
    I teamed my Agrippa with mana generators Otto and Zazan (in the past) and with Atilla and Zenobia (currently). Both teams were successful, but with very different play styles.
  • @AllDay2K @minh_74 @BFM @TheTMan @rak Thank you guys so much. I think I messed up with Zuu and went Shell, Abu went Crit(Might feed him to alkan).

    But Ya I think I'll be able to secure Kuro. currently 550ish with 22465stars. I'm thinking Kuro can be put in like a team (kuro, hench, hench) is that an effective way?

    I feel like Sundays will be a grind for levels from the xp poitions. but other than that I'll focus on arena when I can so I dont get spent over the grinding. Any other suggestions to keep things interesting?
  • @Gooboo Abu is a common and well worth feeding to Alkan and starting over. As for Zuu, he's harder to obtain in my experience and shell anti is an ok path. As for Kuro. He's a great hench lead for arena and that's precisely why you need him. He will allow you to compete for better prize warriors in future seasons.

    Other suggestions I have is like @minh_74 said. Upgrade and use your favorite warriors regardless of what we say or the perceived "best" warriors. It will keep the game fresh and enjoyable. Try using many different warrior combinations and setups to see what works for you and find new possibilities and team compositions. Last but not least, I like to build up a stock of totems, idols, figurines... This way when you need to upgrade you have some available and you won't find yourself constantly "grinding" all at once just to upgrade someone. It may take a few weeks or months to get your stock up but in the end it's worth it.
  • @AllDay2K Just got Kibi Gonzalo and Ardo

    For the no cooldown event I currently love Kibi, Ardo, Kuro as Kibi builds mana and ss to let Kuro decimate and Ardo pretty solid tank as well. But I'm curious how do you think Ardo should be built? I've seen a PE path once cause he has high physical I assume. Any other good builds, what do you think is best?

    Also for Gonzalo What build do you think is best?
  • Ret. ret ftw
  • @Gooboo congrats on all 3, those are very good warriors and deserve to be taken up with your core. I'm not a huge fan of poison but with BG Kibi definitely has a place. Gonzalo is an armor breaker (the best SM in the game, IMO) and therefore needs to be focused on. Definitely retribution for him. As for Ardo. He's a stud tank. The best in the game. I went shell/auto/recharge and would do it again. Crit is viable but I personally see it as a wasted path. Autopot route means Ardo has the highest effective HP in the game. Shell means super armor for a long time, and recharge with Ardo's superb HP means he will be regening at an excellent rate. I feel this path accentuates everything Ardo is good at already... Making him not only the meanest meat shield the game has to offer, but one that can also hit back with a fury and then autopot a giant amount just when you think you have him dead to rights. I have never lost a fight with shell/auto/recharge Ardo. In fact, he's never died. He's an immortal beast and I suggest backing his strengths rather then trying to cover his "weakness" with the critical route.
  • @AllDay2K Thanks you so much for the tips! I'm excited to get these guys up now!
  • @AllDay2K What does IMO mean?
  • IMO=In my opinion
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