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Fan Favorite Poll: Sama, Amina, or Seni?

This week, you choose the Arena prize! Do you want to fight for Sama, Amina, or Seni?

Vote here:
  • really fan favorite season right away?
  • I was kinda hoping for a minion season but ok I'll take sama
  • WTF ! Really lol
  • Fan Favourite?Oh I haven't played the arena for a long time until Corvus appeared.Too bad I can't get him.
  • I mean at least its an actual ff.
  • nooooo i want minions.....
  • I currently don't have any of those warriors, so let's go alphabetically: Amina
  • Amina has been a previous arena prize as long as seni.
    You have to vote for sama
  • edited April 2016
    most fans is always want a new experience, don't make them boring while playing your games
  • Oh come on I haven't got sama I have Amina already this sucks
  • Paoki is right sama deserves a chance even tho he's the second one right now
  • Ok whatever just make sure the next season is a minion season :disappointed:
  • 1 minion and then FF season?? Man.. this is boring. Sama then as then at least I get to sac and get 30 gems back.
  • This should be voted to have ff season or new warrior

    And the list of the ff should be 10 warriors rather than 3

    Fracture games please don't go to the same bath we have walked through with mc

    I have big hopes that your management is clever and generosity in running the game could revive the game and save it from total destruction

    You need to listen to the players
  • They were all arena prize warriors at one point, not just Amina and Seni.
    I don't care as I have all of them, but I like Amina and Seni pretty evenly, probably end up using Seni more often among all 3. Sama's not bad, but phantom shielders are simply not regulars in my lineup.
  • How about the idea of having 2 arena prize warriors. One FF old warrior plus NEW Minion... This will insanely increase the arena cutoff and surely more players will compete to be on top999.
  • That was a tuff grind in the last arena... Not looking to do that every week anymore, so I'll take a FF as I don't have either of the 3.
  • I like the FF. Even if it's someone I already have, it shows active interaction on fracture's part.
  • I think that alternating fan favorites in the arena is a good idea. It takes about a week to get each warrior to level 44. If I got a new one every week, I could never win the game.
  • How about neither! I want Zenobia my only prize missing warrior :(
    I won many legendary prize warriors from the tower till the arena. I even got the ones i didnt get from the tower as a second chance in the arena like Bibi, Wulf, Makito, Utu, Ping, while others i got them through the door of epics. Please just zenobia left :(
  • Wait so mind candy no longer owns WOW?
  • @Boy123 Yeah like months ago, where have you been???
  • I vote for Seni.
  • @bvs72 vote on other FF polls.
  • ill vote on each polls...
  • i'll just vote for warriors I don't have yet...
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