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Krimpus Stats

image What you guys think?
  • Not a fan of the SM. I wonder if we are still getting Kringle?
  • edited April 2016
    Fights like Badda....dies like Gajah Mada.
    Krimpus is more elementally focused than Ba Trieu....which is a bad thing for the SM IMO.
  • @benisforawesome 215.546768/143.697815/840.115601
  • those are estimates tho. raw stats are the best for a spreadsheet. @Kemical
  • Just multiply the base stats at level 10 by (1.07^24).
  • This guy seemed good
  • @Kemical the base stat is at lvl 1. And if im not correct, the stat at level ten is just a natural number rounded from an integer. The level 10 stats can not be multiplied becuase it is unknown what is the acutal number. Thus, the 34 numbers are just "estimates" and can not be proven correct unless mc tells how the rounding system works.
  • Sorry i missed the screenshot for lvl 34

    Level 44 :

  • The estimated stats were within 6 points.
  • Oh dear,this guy is so nice,the best rare I have ever seen.
  • his HP is very low + light armor....
    He dies very quickly in a battle....
  • @chimiste this is also my feeling after seeing the 44 level card. So to keep him longer alive what is the path recommendation? As i already have Ba triu with crit i do not want him again crit.
  • @kiel918 i think shell paths will work fine with him. Look at Mungo, Zahra or Volten...
    All have low HP, big SM damages and their skill paths make them more usefull.
  • @chimiste yes, but imagine any of those 3 with crit-retri ;)
  • i'm going crit-retri
  • I will say one thing....
    I defeated a guy with krimpus in arena, I might fear that he's going to assume I'm cheating unless he saw the update.

    And bad news for @surgione, I passed you in arena
  • @BossJames006 :) !

    i'll stay at rank 1, around 18k
  • I can't wait to get Dao @surgione. :)
  • @BossJames006 hehe i can understand, he is a beast
  • Anyone know the current cutoff? I haven't started this season yet because I've been busy with school.
  • edited May 2016
    Hey guys can Krimpus still be obtained? I think it'd be a good addition considering I dont have many warriors atm ********EDIT******** Only available as gift during winter months i see, darn.
  • Krimpus is a beast with his SM, it's no wonder he has light armor and below average HP
  • He's SM is really op though
  • IMO the only skill for Krimpus is Guard-SS, he is too fragile for Shell and his SM doesnt need Crit-retri to be a one-hit KO. SO Retri and Shell are a waste on Krimpus IMO.
  • @Lou_Cou : His health actually not that low. He had same HP as Mungo, and shell-auto works pretty well for him. I give Krimpus Shell-Anti and he can take a shot or two.. which means he can take down 2 easily. If he don't have neutralize, he can be 1-shot fairly easily, so having neutralize save him in some cases.
    But I agree GSB path works pretty well for him too.
  • How did people get Kringle
  • edited June 2016
    He was a temporary gift 2 Christmas ago @souleader127.
  • Actually u can get him again though
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