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v1.12.0 is out for iOS!

  • Not sure if im convinced with the new minions and im greatfull some actually look great but there are just 6 new minions as all the other ones have existed since the beginning and most if the minions look pretty common or at least not cool enough to be considered legendaries but at least we have something new im going to miss the historical warriors concept
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    so are minions going to be prizes from the tower or from the arena? Tower i hope. Grinding in the arena for a minion sounds like a step down from grinding for a legendary.

    What else is new in this update badged as "epic."
  • it is epic "fail" :) @apollos712
  • In PlayStore, we can see that all the 32 mimions will be available only in the arena....

    MC or Fracture will be quiet during 32 weeks, quiet until Christmas ..... it's why Kringle have is picture to the book.
  • so there is krimpus in minnion book and there is kringle in warrior book with exactly same model? also you guys don't even bother to make bio section for krimpus? uuuhm... okay
  • Actually none of the minions have bios in the game @OutLaw. But in WoW's Official Guide book, I saw some bios that belong to No-Go and Shokka.
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    @Emperor_Madkat oh, okay mate... but actually i'd rather like the old playable characters are historical concept of the game, just saying tho :)
  • For all of the features that require a connection to the network, I'm getting an error that says there was trouble logging in and I should try again later. Anyone have any idea what's up with that? I'm certainly networked. Does this have to do with needing to reconnect to FB, and how would I do that? Thanks!
  • @Pentacle : this happened to me while on vacation. Try deleting the game and reinstalling it. Then reconnect to Facebook. If this doesn't work send a support ticket.
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