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v1.12.0 is out for iOS!

Version 1.12.0 of World of Warriors is now out for iOS users!

Android users - your update release will follow tomorrow! Thanks for your patience.

Look out for your EPIC free gift, Krimpus, soon - he will be released once all players have the new update.
  • Oh praise the lord Jesus ITS finally here !!!
  • Can we experience the EPICNESS of the update right away after we download it? Or we have to wait for Dao season to finish before we can experience anything new?
  • **** ANDROID! YEAH!!! /s
  • @cajn - nothing epic as I can see. No new content. Just new warriors that aren't available yet. No improvements to equipping talismans. No ability to re-order warriors.
  • Downloading....
  • Can you guys actually open the app after the update?
    I can't do it anymore. There's still something downloading with no progress (without any additional notification from the App Store) despite 1.12 downloaded already.

  • Almost finished.....slow connection.
  • Just the minion warrior book so far. No new content.
  • idont have the other special character for christmas
  • Yes nothing special from what we see
  • Since updating, I get errors saying I need to be connected to the internet when trying to access the daily rewards or temple, and the app keeps trying to open Facebook - what gives? Oh and now my app takes up a whopping 1.1GB?!
  • @Cressida
    1) you need to re-connect to Facebook after the update, or else you are logged out of face book
    2) it has always been a huge storage ****
  • edited April 2016
    Wait they censored m-uncher?
  • And since the Minions say prize, I feel that the Minions will either be in arena OR TOWER! Because now that the tower is overrun with minions, it would make sense that you would get minion prizes from there
  • @bvs72 Sad! Lame update. :(
  • the update hasn't fixed the arena bug. im still not getting stars for fights won. happens 1 in 4 fights.
  • I got it today.
  • +1 @dak. I am seeing stars not logged about 1 out of 3 and 4 fights as well.
  • I can literally not see a single new feature other than new prize warriors which will likely be released once a week. Huge disappointment, still no reason to login.
  • well well...just imagine an arena season to win ....Slydor !!

  • Slydor with 1000 bronze, 1000 silver and 1000 gold stones... Hahaha
  • Finally,update is here hmm...minions,would we encounter new minions in battles?Oh,can't wait to get a minion.
  • why would they capture the easy skulll guards. how bout keelok or frakus (lol)
  • It's also out on Android. GOGOGO
  • No announcement for the release on Android? ;-;
  • Slydor is pretty good, I would prefer him vs kasim
  • Anyone get Kringle yet?
  • it looks like they got rid of the 15 minute idle annoyance.
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