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Okay, I'm on spring break and I don't know what to do with my spare time, so I need a request.
So.......I DOING A SECOND "WIN AN ART REQUEST'" by yours truly, Golnaz Electric!
This challenge will be different from the first one I did.
There are going to be things listed below. Some of them are true about me, and some are not. The point of this challenge is to guess which ones are true. (I will not put extremely personal things.) When commenting below, make sure it looks like this:

Golnaz Electric
#, #, #, #, #

Here are the possible answers:

1) I have been to Las Vegas
2) I play WOW on an iPhone 6 plus
3) I have dyed some part of my hair
4) I have about 50 pets
5) I live on a farm
6) I attend an elementary school
7) I'm the youngest and smallest in the family
8) I'm a girly girl
9) I have never been out of my country
10) I don't have any video game consoles

(Hint: There are 4 things here that are true about me.)

I may give you a second chance depending on how many you got wrong. If you have got 3 or less wrong, then you get a second chance. But if you get them wrong on your second chance, then you are out.
And no cheating, otherwise you are DISQUALIFIED. I may think you cheated if you commented some numbers and then you edited your comment again.
Good luck!
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